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New to site planning overseas routes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Bazzafly, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I am local Brisbane rider on 1999 Sprint St Triumph stripped to street fighter. Been looking for good local southside mechanic for my Triumph.

    Also keen to discuss travel plans with those that have done Canada to Central America as I am leaving Aug. to do that stretch of roads.

    Thanks and look forward to any suggestions and ideas.

  2. Well that's a challenge!
    Where in Canada to where in central America? Your own bike imported or a rental/purchase?
    In general, when crossing the north American continent there are nice hilly regions with great roads through the Appalachian regions of Virginia, Carolina and Tennessee. There are great flat plains through the middle, and there are great mountains west of Colorado and Montana right through to Mexico, and inland of the west coast.
    You are probably aware of drug cartel activity in Mexico and the risks associated. Many US riders travel through even remote areas safely but there are precautions to take. Extremes of climate too. August will make any mountain regions much easier but the southwest desert (and lowland Mexico) will be hotter than hell.
  3. I will be buying a bike in Colorado my home state and driving to Bella Coola BC in Aug. then headed south to Burning Man in Nevada, then to LA to pick up my daughter flying in from Brisbane and we will do Baja together. Then crossing at La Paz to mainland drive south along pacific crossing to Maya country around Oaxaca. I will have from Oct. 2 till Nov. 15 to get to Panama. Then I need to either sell the bike, ship back to Colorado or Store and return to complete my trip to Buenos Aires in Jan.

    The distance in the amount of time.
  4. Welcome BazzaflyBazzafly , wow, that's going to be a nice adventure :cool:
  5. I'll definitely leave the advice to the experts in that case - you probably know far more than me.
    I'm jealous.
  6. You will find a wealth of information on ADVrider Adventure Rider

    Also these folk have done a lot of travelling on Sth America MotoLara

    I'm ever so jealous :)
  7. Thanks for the input all will keep you posted. I am feeling like I am going to ditch Burning Man and just ride for 3.5 months from Canada to Central America.
  8. If it's of any use at all, I can recommend CA-108 and UT-10 as among my most favourite roads. :D
    But they are nowhere near each other.

  9. Looks good not sure i will go this way. I will leave from Denver to BC via Idaho and the Sawtooth mountains. Then down the coastal ranges, I think?
  10. Intrigued, but confused. Colorado is your home state (you're a US resident?). Or your base while visiting?
    You won't get an argument from me about spending time in the coastal ranges and Sierra Nevadas.
  11. Welcome to NR,

    This will be a great place to find out some info that you want. People here are very nice :)
    Start a thread and you'll get some ideas ... I should be so lucky to have been overseas riding! Lol

  12. I am dual citizen and will buy bike in Colorado and return there to store bike with family until i return for more.
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  13. OK Gotcha. Fractalz suggestions are spot on for local knowledge if you don't have it already.

    Just because I love route-making...o_O... and because I did way more research than I needed to for my trip last year...
    I would take CO-133, CO-65, CO-141, CO-90 and UT-191 to Moab, for Canyonlands and Arches. Any way you like up to Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier NP in Montana, and 95 and 97 to Bella Coola (I know nothing about Canada).
    US-101 all the way down the coast. I won't pretend to know what's safe in Mexico but Baja seems comparatively ok. I enjoyed staying in Zacatecas and Cuernanavaca many years ago.
    Seems a shame to miss Glen Canyon RA and Grand Staircase-Escalante NP but if you are returning later they are in easy reach from your base. I'm so jealous.
  14. Maybe you should connect with BubbalouieBubbalouie for ideas?? Overseas anyone?
  15. gday BazzaflyBazzafly welcome to NR! you will make many here jealous with that trip - you know we want details and of course many pics!
  16. Hi Bazzafly, I've ridden from Edmonton Alberta to Nicaragua and back on my sewing machine BMW 650. The best part of the trip was Guatemala. Check out Semuc Champey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .....definitely off the beaten track!
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