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New to scooters, can I skip the "Lifestyle"?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by CrazyCam, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Hi folks.

    I have adopted a wee Italian scooter.

    The poor wee soul hasn't been ridden for about a year and a half, and currently shows no signs of starting.

    It is a Gilera Runner 180, two-stroke, automatic.... uses the generic Piaggio mechanicals, and has had various Mallosi go faster bits fitted.

    I wondered if any one here might have a recommendation as to a scooter specialising work shop?

    Prefer Beecroft/Hornsby area, but will travel for a strongly recommended place.

    BTW, what is with the scooter "life style"?

    I remember the Mods in UK in the late '60s, but I dunno where to find an anorak with fur trimmed hood. :)
  2. why not have a go at DIY, once you get the seat and side panels off they are very easy to work on.

    a 2 stoke engine is easy to rebuild (or just replace), and the CVT is a cinch to work on and fun to tweak and play with.

    when i got my scoot (4 stroke) it looked like a nightmare to service with all the plastic and covers but once they were off, working on it is a breeze.

    I don't know?... i have a few bikes and a scooter too, when i ride the scooter every dick on two wheels particularly L/P platers feels like they need to race me... whats funny is when i out corner them.

    I passed this guy on a VTR1000 on the inside lane on a three lane corner flat out at about 80 while he was braking to take it at around 60, next thing i hear the V-twin screaming to catch up i gave him a nod and he ignored me :( so i gave him the finger.

    I don't wear a suit or scarf, and when i'm not on the scoot i'm on something 1000+cc why the hate?
  3. where ever you take your runner make sure you make friends with the place

    you will be visiting often!

    i had a runner, it was broken lots

    but also did really good monos, roll off the line to about 10km/h lean back a little and nail it... wheelie! good fun, but the vespa 300 i had also did the same think and was reliable, but not 2 smoke.
  4. “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984
  5. Be sure to park respectfully.
    I basically only ever see scooters blocking other bikes and scoots.
    It's quite annoying trying to go home and being caged in by 3-4 scoots and a postie bike, bah
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  6. There's nothing "wee" about a 180 Runner. They can be tuned and piped to do indecent speeds and, with good tyres and brake pads, can handle like crazy. Have fun; they're great entertainment. There's a scooter guy in Brisbane if you ever want it to go really fast...
  7. When I was on the scooter every bike mechanic I went to was happy to work on it and did a decent job.
  8. Well, yes, it does rather tower over my Honda Z50, but I meant wee in terms of the current crop of maxi scooters...... like the BMW 600, really a 650, which weighs more than my R850R.

    I certainly hope so. :)

    It does already have a wicked looking expansion chamber and stinger exhaust.

    I gather that the main trick for good handling is to keep the bushes where the rear end joins onto the front of the scooter in good nick.
  9. you should look into the scooter racing at the eastern creek cart track
  10. Don't really fancy racing as such, but, if this Gilera ever goes as good as it's supposed to, I'll try a track day on the main circuit.
  11. i really want to get a ringadingding scoot sometime for riding to uni, a guy here rides a old peugeot two smoke and it just looks and sounds boss as he revs its nuts off down city road. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of lols.

  12. Well, so much for that idea. :(

    I phoned Eastern Creek Ride Days and asked about a scoot on a regular ride day and the lovely Linda told no way.

    She claimed it was part of their agreement with E.C. that they wouldn't let scooters run.

    I have, previously, done a ride day at E.C. on a wee 125 Yammie, and the Gilera, if it ever goes, should be a quicker device than the Yammie, but, if they won't let me, that's a big chunk of money saved.
  13. wednesday nights at the kart track with the motard club
  14. I hear that 2 strokes aren't eligible for the kart track racing.
  15. #15 CrazyCam, May 24, 2013
    Last edited: May 24, 2013

    I believe they are considered too fast.

    To be honest, from what I have seen of the kart track, I'd rather not play there anyway.

    Now, if I could only manage to ride my Z50, which is a pukka, but very small, motorbike, I suppose I could send in an entry for a track day on that, but even I ain't THAT crazy.

    Thinking about it for a moment, I wonder if they'd turn away someone riding a Maxi Scooter, like one of the BMWs or a 650 Bergman.

    I know that I like to get used to a new (to me) bike by taking it on a track day where I can actually concentrate on learning what it will really do if pushed a bit hard in relative safety and without the cops being a worry.
  16. You can definitely skip the 'lifestyle' of riding in thongs/sneakers/high heels/shorts/tees etc. I ride a scooter and every time I see an under-dressed scooter rider I shake my head. This ain't Italy, folks -- there are more cars than scoots on the road here and you can fall off just the same as a bike rider. Wear the right gear ;)
  17. The high heels weren't actually on my agenda. ;)

    The style that I was thinking of was the old business of the Parka, with fur trimmed hood, and a big print on the back for "The WHO".

    That, and the 20 foot tall whip radio ariel.

    I can do without the 16 mirrors, and 14 extra lights on the front, too.
  18. I will put my hand up and admit I have a fur-trimmed parka AND a radio aerial ... but in my defence I don't wear the parka on the scooter, and my aerial is more like 3 feet tall :p
  19. No.
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  20. Yeah! :)

    Well, as for the 20 foot aerial business, us blokes always exaggerate anything that, even just occasionally, stands up erect. ;)