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New to scooters and riding in general

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Pussinboots, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    I just got my learner's permit and picked up my scoot on Friday and have been having an absolute ball! Being short (5"1) and a novice I'm starting out on a Honda Scoopy which is absolutely tiny but having test rode a Vespa LX150 (which was way too high and way too heavy) I am loving it. Will get it derestricted v.soon but as I live in the CBD it's perfect.

    Can any recommend some good places to ride to around Melb CBD?

  2. round Albert Park lake would be a good place to start i would imagine.

    just look out for the lines of little ducks occasionally.
  3. Find McEvoy Street (Richmond/Kew) in Melway and follow Scenic Route from there to as far as you want - Heidlelberg, Warrandyte, Yarra Valley - suitable for a 50cc.

    Trick is to stay on the Scenic Route route, and not get side tracked on to the main roads.
  4. Welcome Pussinboots!

    I found that some of the streets in North Carlton were great for just getting used to riding, turning corners and going around round-a-bouts. Streets like Rathdowne and Amess are really good and they are nice and quiet on a Saturday/Sunday morning to get out there and have a good zoom around!
    North Melbourne is also pretty good for scooting.

    Have fun!

  5. tullamarine??

    Hi there, I got a vtr250 back in Ot last year and used to go out to keilor park drive and ride around the side streets of that new industrial estate where the freeway goes under keilor park drive?? Near Mattel and Porche is out the back too I think, anyway, sat about 5 pm onwards and sundays especially it is quiet, there are new roads, round abouts, you can even scoot to the airport and watch planes land as you zip alongside the runway!! One thing to remember, dont ride beyong your limits no matter what you ride. Enjoy, they are fun..