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New to scootering, any advice?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Anna, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone

    I haven't had a car in about 5 years and the bus is becoming a hassle so I'm planning on buying myself a scooter. I've just got my motorcycle learner's and have my first "scooter" lesson soon...

    I'm looking at purchasing the Vespa LX125 - does anyone have any comments to make - good or bad? I don't want anything too powerful but need something with a bit of get up and go for the huge hills in my local area.

    Reading through the posts about clothing and protective gear got me to thinking about accidents and I'm now a wee bit scared! And definitely will be investing in protective gear and a full helmet even if I look like insane.

    Any comments or advice would be much appreciated! Also on how to deflect the many worried comments from family and friends!

    Many thanks
  2. The insane ones are the people Without full protective gear.

    you can never be too carefull.
  3. Hi anna welcome to the forum, and to the world of scootering.

    Good call on the gear. Getting all the correct safety gear really is the only way to go. Full face helmet and jacket and you should always wear at least jeans. And dont worry about looking stupid, just remember the ground is just as hard whether you fall off a scooter or a bike!

    I think the 125 would be fine for speed zones up to and including 80km/hr although it will get to higher speeds the 80km/hr will prob be its sweet spot. I've only ridden the 150 but it was very nice to ride plus you get that Vespa "vibe" that you just dont get with anything else.

  4. and duffman would know! :grin:

    Yeah, anna, welcome to the forum. Don't worry about what you'll look like in proper gear on a scoot; just thinks about what you'd look like with skin grafts if you DIDN'T wear it.....
  5. Hey Anna

    I have a little 50cc. I think as a minimum gloves and a full face. For commuting a good jacket with elbow/shoulder protectors.

    The best selling 125 in australia is the Vmoto cause its 3000. vespas, aprilla and that are all over priced. And like me, you will prob want a motorbike after a while anyway. so dont waste your cash.

    for a good priced reliable scoot you dont really get better than bolwell. not that 'cool' but i'd prefer to keep my cash for other things.

  6. Welcome to the boards, geez every second member seems to be a scooter rider atm (and everyother seems to be a motorcyclists, funny that! ) :LOL:
    Maybe speak to a couple of other members that used to ride scooters only to discover a month or two down the track they wished they just bought the bike. Either way safe riding.

    Btw not trying to put oyu off scooters just thought i would let you know a couple of people have regreted their decision after buying.

    Cheers stewy
  7. There is no shortage of tasteless riders out there mixing and matching all sorts of bizarre clothing choices with bikes, also advice given here is very mixed.
    The Vespa range is a retro look, so textile jackets & full face race replica helmets clash with its look, if appearances matter to you then go the classic leather jacket with no logo’s on them and a simple open face, if you feel you need to wear a full face then at least choose a simple solid colour with no graphics.
    In regards to your need for hill climbing ability I doubt the LX125 will give you a grin from its performance, go the more powerful in the range with the GTS 250 i.e.
  8. All the advice I can give you is

    Get the right protective gear "Whats your life worth??"

    Just remeber ride like "They are all out to get you"

    Get on the bike and ride it as much as you can, the more you ride it the better you will get, remeber there are road rules for a reason they have to become second nature to you, my wife says I head check even when I am in the car..

    If you don't feel safe in wet weather don't ride, it's suppose to be an enjoyable experience so ride when You feel You want...

    So get out there and have fun... After a few weeks you'll understand the freedom a bike give you.

    Someone here has a signature "Only a bike rider understands why a dog sticks his head out of the window" and so will you understand :) :) :)

  9. best advice... listen to everything u read on here, and learn from it all, mix n match wat advice u take but dont get uptight about accidents. they are called accidents for a reason. just ride safe and ride careful always be aware of whats around you. when in traffic be aware, and in heavy traffic ride like u havnt been seen. i ride a 50cc, its fine for flat ground, but needs more boot to stay with traffic ebbs n flows.

    no matter how much power u have.. u will always find a use for more..

  10. totally agree, no matter how much power you have, you will always get used to it and then want more. I have always thought I would be happy to just own a Mitsubishi Evo, but within 4 weeks of owning one, I started modding it. 220kw atw later, still want more.

    If you are not after speed / power, all you want to do is convenience, freedom, faster than a bus, then the 150cc or higher should be good enough.

    Yes, you may look silly, but it's better to have people grin at you over your protective gear than cringe when they see your skin grafts.

    welcome to the scooter community.
  12. Welcome!

    If you haven't already, pick up a copy of Scooter magazine from your newsagents. It contains a wealth of info.
  13. why ya'll talking about protective gear when shes asking about
    the scooter shes looking at buying :LOL:
  14. Interesting contrast of opinions here on scooters. Guess you have to figure out what is right for you. I had a bad experience with Vmoto so I wouldnt go near them but I might have just had a bad egg out of the bunch. Wouldnt skimp on costs either. Cheaper bike/scooter generally means cheaper parts and cheaper built. I think manufacturer wise I wouldnt go much worse than a bollwell and dont care what anyone says Vespa/piaggio is the best in my opinion. Some times its worth spending the extra cash to get yourself something thats going to last.

    If your going to be doing anything more than CBD riding. wouldnt get a 50cc. I think your spot on with a 125. The 125 Aprilia Mojito is a good bet as well.
  15. Kishy mate......read her post again. She is asking about protective gear too.
  16. Besides getting the right gear which is the right thing to do,before you fully commit to a scooter try riding a bike too then make your choice maybe a cruiser type ie virago