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New to roadbikes - Ninja 1000

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Macca25988, May 18, 2016.

  1. Hello to everyone on Netrider,

    I have read many motorcycle forums in the past, however this is the first time I have ever posted. Over the last four years I have been obsessed with dirtbikes and off road riding but recently thought I should try a roadbike as well (I am still obsessed with dirt.)
    I had previously ridden a 1978 SR500 (from Katherine NT to Armidale NSW) in three days with my brother as an 18 year old, so thought I would get something similar and went straight out and bought a 2014 Ninja 1000. Holly shyster this thing has some balls, however very easy to ride for a new comer and not at all intimidating. I intend to do some touring so added hard panniers, also handy for doing the groceries.
    Thanks for reading, Macca.
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  2. Not sure how you figured a Ninja 1000 was "something similar" to a SR500. That's a bit like saying a Saturn V is "something similar" to a sparkler. Anyway, welcome to the forum!

    and try not to kill yourself, k. ;)
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  3. gday Macca25988Macca25988 welcome to NR - nice bike, enjoy the hp! I see you have a few other rides in your stable, very nice indeed.
  4. Thanks guys, yes I have a few other bikes. I enjoy my off road and adventure bikes. Last year I rode the Canning with some mates on the DR 650. Awesome trip. I may even do a write up if I can figure out how this all works. Cant work out how to put up photos yet. Or maybe I am blocked until I have done three posts? I dont know. Anyway I am sure I can get the hang of it eventually.
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  5. Awesome bike mate, have fun
  6. Hi and Welcome :)
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  7. Hey Macca25988Macca25988, the DR is a great bike, I have one though it's a commuter more than anything else :cool:
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  8. Welcome to the forum mate
  9. G'day and welcome, MaccaMacca. I'm another afficionado of the DR650SE and might just own one, one day.

    After a certain number of posts and a set time (my memory fails me exactly how many and how long) your status will change from 'Newcomer' to 'Member' and you'll be able to upload optimised photos. You can link photos from other hosting sites until then.

    If that's not one of the best comparisons I've read I don't know what is! Gold!
  10. Welcome mate and you pick a cracker of a bike (y)
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  11. welcome aboard :)
  12. Hi guys, apparently "you need 3 posts to add links to your posts". Fair enough, off to Urbenville dirtbiking tomorrow, Ye Ha. PS will take the KTM 300 instead of the Ninja.
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  13. Welcome mate. Yep they sure do have some mumbo, but I can't get over how the engine just pulls like a turbine from any revs.
  14. #14 Macca25988, May 21, 2016
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    That is so true, the torque is so huge you can shift early and just cruise around. Very easy to ride, not scary at all, until you open it up and keep it wound on. I love it.

    The DR is an awesome bike. Very capable, cheap and heaps of accessories, however terrible suspension. You really need to factor in suspension work when you buy one. I have owned two so far, but there is no way I can stop at two, I will own another one before too long.
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  15. Yeah, the stock suspension's poor reputation is well-earned. It's the first upgrade that the people I know who own one have done after some nasty fork-dive and whatnot. Last week I walked past a local dealership with a second-hand, stock-standard white DR650SE out the front the other day. I've just bought another bike so will have to forgo it for a little while. :-( There are few DR's featured in showcase and ride reports on Netrider...hint hint. :]
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  16. Welcome Macca25988Macca25988
    Photos photos photos from your tours pls!! :geek:
    We drool over adventures. Feed our appetite.

    From one tourer to another :smug:
  17. Welcome Macca25988Macca25988, good to see more riders in the area!
  18. Welcome Macca25988Macca25988, hope you enjoy the forum and you have excellent taste in bikes.
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  19. I'm sorry I don't know why my photo's duplicated themselves several times over? Still need some practice on this thing. I guess there is a more appropriate place to post ride reports, but this is just bit of a play on the computer.

    The trip took nearly four weeks, which is plenty of time, but you wouldn't really want to do it any quicker. We had two support vehicles for the cold beer, but real ADV riders go unsupported. The hardest thing about the Canning is the enormous distances. We had allowed 14 days to ride the actual Canning Stock Route, but when we asked the bar staff at Wiluna, at the southern end of the CSR they told us most people take about 25 days. I had been told to "be home in 3 weeks or don't bother!" so was a bit worried. 10 days later we were out the northern end. Then it was on to the Wolf Creek Crater and back to Alice springs.