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New to Roadbikes - Melbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tommo c, May 21, 2015.

  1. Hey guys and girls - thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm a 6' 3" 95kg country kid that grew up on dirt bikes from a fairly young age. Moved to Melbourne about a year ago for work and now interested in purchasing my first bike. Passed my P's test (finally) last month which means i'm on the new P's system, and have to ride a LAMS approved bike for 3 years.

    I thought a 250 would suit just while i'm on my P's, however i took a mates 2010 250Ninja for a spin last week, and found it pretty underwhelming power wise, however i liked the seat position and the feel of the sportsbike, so i've turned my focus to something slightly more powerful.

    I've read some really good reviews on the CBR500R, from both this forum and others.

    Just wanted some input about this bike or any other options i've got. Budget is about $5,000, preferably something second hand while i'm still getting used to riding on the road. Bike will be used predominantly for fun on weekends, however the odd run into the city for work may also happen.

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  2. Hi Tom, welcome to NR.

    CBR500R(A) is a great LAMS bike, but I am biased as this is my ride.Very stable, not top heavy, comfortable riding position, forgiving (this is my first motorcycle, I've never ridden before), good head lights, plenty of power and nice brakes. Plenty of people here chose this bike, and so far I believe none of them had a reason to regret it.

    Go and sit on as many different bikes as you can so you'll find the best one for you. Good luck!
  3. congrats on passing & as Fr33dmFr33dm says go and sit on a few and take them for a test ride.

    Have you factored the price of gear into your budget?
  4. Howdy & Welcome to NR Tom!
  5. Welcome mate, go check it out but also anything 650cc LAMS that appeals as well. At 95kg the extra torque will be useful,
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  6. G'day Tom, welcome to NR. In addition to the suggestions already given, I'd suggest looking at the Honda CB400 Super Four too. They have a very good built quality, amazing power for a LAMS bike and can be bought for ~$5K with 20-30K on the clock.
  7. Hi Fr33dm, could you give me any advice as to what to look at on the CBR? Apart from the basic worn chain, sprockets, suspension and tyres is there anything i should definitely be looking out for when inspecting?
  8. I was budgeting around $5,000 for the bike - gear will be additional. Would a total $6,000 budget be reasonable for a helmet, gloves, leathers/draggin jeans and a jacket?
  9. Hey Tom, I won't be of any help to you with this I'm afraid, sorry! I bought my bike new because I'm not mechanically savvy. There is a great resource on here https://netrider.net.au/threads/used-motorcycle-buying-and-evaluation-guide.52843/ that you may have seen already. Also if you can send PMs, I'd contact ConorkcConorkc, DonJuanDonJuan, HotelWhiskyHotelWhisky, BertyBerty. These guys and a girl have been riding CBR500 for much longer than I have and will be able to give you sound advice.

    As for 1K for gear, it is doable, but you'll have to look around. Start with helmet, it has to be new and has to fit well, so it might not be a cheap item, everything else will have to share the rest of your budget. Good luck!
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  10. Hi Tom,

    Found this thread thanks to Fr33dmFr33dm ... Welcome to NR!

    The 500R is a great bike, I feel like I'll be comfortable with it the whole 3 years of restrictions. I'm also 6'3", 90kgs and the bike fits me well and i feel comfortable on it. If anything, it is a slightly more upright riding position than say the Ninja 300. The other bike I looked into was the Ninja 650L but price probably rule this out for you.

    Unfortunately I'm new to bikes as well having only had my L's for 5 months and racked up 8,500kms. I am not experienced in buying a second hand bike so many oft he senior, more experienced member of the forum will be able to assist with what to look out for.

    $1K is enought for first run gear. At this stage you don't want to go all out but you want versatility.

    Where in Melb are you based?

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  11. Thanks!

    I have been riding dirt bikes for a while, so will call on that experience when looking at the bike!

    The bike i'm looking at tonight is the 2013 CBR500R L (non ABS model) with 12,000kms. It was purchased from Peter Stevens not long ago. Advertised price is $4,300 which compared to other similar bikes for sale seems very good value! Doesn't come with a roadworthy but hopefully it doesn't need much - also has rego to March next year
  12. Only moved to Melbourne about a year ago, lived in Glen Iris for 6 months, but now i live in South Yarra =D
  13. Hey Tom, welcome to NR and our world of two wheels. There will be someone on here to help guide you with your decisions
  14. Its doable check out places like the AMX superstores for the helmet, bikers gear Australia for gear (I got two jackets from these guys) & the bargin bins at regular stores and even here on netrider
  15. Well, good news guys!
    Put a deposit down on the CBR500R I looked at tonight. Got it down to $4,000. It's done 12,000kms, comes with a slip on muffler, 10months reg, stand and it's almost immaculate!
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  16. dealer or private ? if private did u get a PPSR check

    *congrats :]
  17. Private sale. Yea first thing I did was check the PPSR.

    All came back clear! No finance owing, no accidents and never recorded as stolen.

    He guy still had all the paperwork from when he bought it not long ago, so to me it all checked out!
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  18. Well done Tom, congratulations! It sounds like really good find for 4K, you will be very happy with this bike :) Of course the next very important question after checking PPSR, what colour is it?
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  19. Welcome tommo ctommo c, for a big fella, a bigger bike is best. It will cruise you up the country road back home too without too much effort.
    Bikers gear Australia and AMX for gear, get some plastic over pants for winter to go over the jeans, even cordura (nylon) pants with a little padding will be good in the winter. The less expensive helmets up to $150 do the job but the more expensive helmets $450+ are better quality. Do you have some dirt bike gear?

    Ah Fr33dmFr33dm, you women and your colours!!
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