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New to road bikes, test is next week any pointers? (QLD)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rhavin, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    I signed up here a little over a month ago, but only just booked my Q-ride test for next week. With luck that will all go smoothly and you will see me on the road once I sell the car and get my bike :).

    Any tips / pointers on the Q-ride side of things?. I have seen plenty for Melbourne but not for Queensland.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. use the rear brake at low speeds, look where you want to go etc...

    you'll be right, there isn't much voodoo magic involved, just be confident and you'll learn by the minute.

    q-ride is a great program which gives you the skills you need to pass the test, not just a test.

  3. That's great thanks Dan, might help if I used the search engine a little more. I will be going to the northside (M&W) one on Tuesday, will keep you guys posted on how I go.

    The U-turns are what I was worried about, but after reading on your technique it might not be as bad as I had thought.

    Thanks again!

  4. Good luck Rhavin

    Like all learner/P courses these days, they spend most of teh time teaching you what you need to know for the "exam"

    Just watch and listen, and you'll do OK

  5. Just got back, boy its been a while. . .

    I was put with the wrong group, however with a 1on1 trainer I managed to pick it up quickly and nailed everything I was shown (salom, figure 8, hillstarts, tight corners). I have to go back on Friday to do the actual test part, and the riding on the road part. But I'm in high hopes.

    I will admit I did manage to drop the bike, I was in the middle of a figure 8 and looked down. . . poor 650 bmw :(

    It was a great day and Nathan from M&W on the Northside is a top bloke.

  6. Just curious Rhavin.

    Did they start you off on a 250 or did they put you on an unrestricted straight away
  7. I was put on the 650 right away, I have held a car licence for over 3 years so I was able to use the bigger bikes. Timing was my biggest issue not the power, once I got that worked out it was all good.

  8. Thank's Rhavin.

    That's interesting , I went to another provider on the northside - same situation - have had my car license for years little experience on bikes & was told I had to be fully competent on the 250 before I could get on the larger bike.

    I stuffed up the final test on the 250 on the road ( heavy traffic, bad weather) did nothing for my confidence (ended up stalling on a hill start etc) so it looks like i'm up for another $300-$400 to get my unrestricted as I have to do another test on the 250 - then get familiar with the larger bike.
  9. Whoo Hoo, I passed this morning on the final road test.

    Now to sell the car and get a bike ;)
    Slight change, I am now looking at a ZZR-600.
    They say for a person my size I wouldnt have enough power with a 250, and since I have been riding the 650 all week I feel very much at home on a bike of that size.