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New to Road Bikes After some Advice.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Orb`, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm new to road bikes having only ever ridden farm bikes, albiet for some years. I"m not one to overestimate my skills, so i'm genuinley wanting to learn to ride properly on the road. What is the best way to go about that?
    I want to get a bike for the road so I can join a club and enjoy some weekend rides. I've done alot of reading, on this site and other, but i've not really found any threads or articles that deal with my situation. I have allocated about 15k for bike and gear, already have some good gortex wet's and plenty of gloves. What would you buy? what courses/ events would you go to to Really improve riding skills?

  2. any riders course that can brush up your skills. If you already have a licensed.. doa refreshers then maybe an advanced course

    15K is alot for a beginner bike. I wish i had 15k right now.
  3. Full license or restricted?
  4. +1
    Or a near-new 2008 model gsxr600 is only $13K at bikesales.com.au
    If your thinking to do weekend club rides, I think 600cc or 750cc should be suitable. Ive heard GSXR-600 (2006 onwards) is the easiest 600cc to handle.

    My first ever roadcraft course was at HART(Honda Australia Riders Training) at St.Ives (Sydney). This was when I upgraded to 600cc from my GPX250(and after an off on that 600cc :LOL:).

    This course is aimed at returning riders: HART
    and they have different levels to suit you.
    They have their own practice area which looks like a small circuit behind their centre.

    Or Stay-Up-Right Course which are more road-oriented.

    You can join us just for a brekkie this Sunday with the HRCA at maccas Heathcote. You'll have an idea what sort of bikes people take on a group ride. It varies, but majority are 600ccs.
  5. If you haven't got a lisence, the learner/P course you have to do to get it in NSW is actually pretty good.

    If you have and haven't done that course then you can book into an equivalent (Stay Upright).

    It covers some stuff that's kind of obvious once you've herd it, but chances are you'd never thought of it by yourself.

    As for the bike, it depends on your lisence and where you live and what floats your boat. If you are a learner, then put some of that money in the bank.

    If you are not, it's still a very handy sum for a first road bike.

    Also if you live at Hay, there's not much point in getting an Alphabet 1000000000000. Same if you live in the centre of Sydney.

    Do you want to do long rides or short rides?
  6. I wish I had 15k to spend on a bike :roll:

    factor about 2k for gear and 1k for my advise and you still have 12k to spend on a bike. you should have no problem finding a decent bike for that amount of money.

    If you JUST got your license, you will be restricted to low powered bikes. if you have an unrestricted license, i will suggest doing HART courses refresher or intermediate or advance. some insurance company lower their premium if you have completed such courses, usually intermediate or advance courses.
  7. but isnt that the beauty of getting old in NSW? If we're over 30yo and have had our car licence for some years, RTA will give you a full licence.
    Then we can go crazy and get a 1300cc Hayabusa? :LOL:

    thats the last time ive heard, pls check with RTA.
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  9. to suggest that he get a new/near new Gixxer and start off on group rides is probably a bity much for someone who has only ridden on grass...

    How about a gsxf, a hornet or a bandit? something forgiving?

    I have a cbr and there's no way i would have just jumped on it straight off with out going through two smaller capacity bikes first.

    Riding in a group just increases the amount of variables he has to deal with whilst he's starting to get to grips with road riding itself.

    2 cents
  10. /startbias

    SV650S, brand new for 10-11 grand ride away. Or 8 grand a year old with almost no kms.

  11. Thanks for the feed back guys.

    Unfortunatley being on the farm I didn't need a liscence. I need to go through the process, which I have to say I view as a beneficial thing.
    I was really wondering what courses/events were about to really enhance my skills quickley, I wasn't aware of the HART program. I do realise that a significant portion of "up skilling" is doing the km. I also wasn't planning to go on any group rides for some time, to avoid the issues that have been mentioned already. You have to start somewhere though.
    From what i've read I think i'd be wise to go for newly used/ second hand 600ishcc LAMS approved bike for 5-9k and Spend up on good quality protective gear. Banking the rest for a later upgrade. It's a shame that all the thousands of km that i've done on my TREK road bike, don't count for alot. Though some of the traffic skills are definately transferable.
    I plan to do a range of riding lengths. medium length rides will be the more common though with a few longer ones thrown in, when i've put some km down.

    Thanks for the input guys.
  12. what about the Honda F4i?

    I heard they are sorta learner friendly (provided you aren't a nutter) and that they aren't as hardcore on the powerband or sitting position