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New to riding...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MiningChick, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Hi All
    Im very new to learning to ride a bike, so far only 2 lessons but loving it so far (manage to stay upright in my first lesson which was held in a severe storm warning - gale force winds and torrential rain!!) :grin:

    My question and not sure whether there is realistic answer ....but what time frame to expect to be having lessons before getting licence. I know that its different for everyone, but just as a general feel....how many hours can I look at for lessons. Cause I also work away for 2 weeks at a mine site, I can only book in lessons when Im home and then I want to try and cram in as many hours as I can.

    My fear is being a rider similar to the Learner Drivers recently on TV, some taking 10years plus to get their licence?!?!?!? :shock:

    Here in WA you can only ride with another licenced rider while on your L's, and then can only ride a 250cc for 12 months before unrestricted licence.

    Also if anyone can suggest type of bike for a beginner...cause Im also looking to buy on my next break hopefully.


    P.S This forum has been great reading and have learnt alot from all the different topics and posts. Thanks heaps! :grin:

  2. Hi miningchick....I done a 3 hour beginners in VIC, then a full day and got my l`s....3 years later (procrastinating) I went for my open licence...took 2 and a half day course and got it :)
  3. oh, and my very first bike is a Suzuki gs500 and an excellent bike
  4. The amount of hours required depend on the state for legality and your own comfort level for sensibility.

    I know plenty of people who still dont feel comfortable but can legally ride.

    Best choices with bike are something as light as possible so you can control the weight, and as low as possible so you can reach the ground. As a learner you will not be that stable on the bike so you need all the help you can get.

    All bikes are good in their own way - you have to choose whats right for you. But you dont HAVE to learn on the type of bike you intend to ride on later.

    Best recommendation is to IGNORE WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAYS - (especially the "experts")..... SIT ON EVERYTHING.... AND BUY WHAT FEELS RIGHT TO YOU!
  5. Welcome Miningchick. THe timeframe really does dpeend on the individual. In Vic you cna do a whole days prelearners course then sit your L's at the end of the day. Most people pass htis and it is a course designed for those who have never been on a motorbike before.

    As for the bike you should get, well it iwll all ocme down to the type of riding you want to do.

    I have a Honda VTR250 which is a great bike for learning on. It is a naked bike (i.e. there are no fairings) so if it gets dropped the chances are the cost ot repair will be a lot cheaper than something with fairings like a GPX/CBR, etc. However, you might not
  6. Yeah I figured the time frame would be something that was more an individual thing.

    Im using the bike from the school which is a Honda CBF 250 Nighthawk, which feels quite comfortable, and is fairly easy to handle.

    As for whether I want a naked bike or ferings...still to be decided. I guess as has been mentioned, with naked bike if I happen to stuff up and drop there would be less cosmetic damage (mind you the ferings look so cool! lol)

    Decisions Decisions!

    I think on my next break back in the city, will just go to a couple of dealerships and get a feel for bike size and comfort factor and hold off buying a bike straight up.
  7. The best thing to do is to try to ride as many bikes as possible. However, with hte licensing situation there, it might be extremely difficult to test ride bikes, especially if a fully licensed rider must be following.
  8. With regards to the fully licenced rider following...thats where my brother and 2 friends who both ride come in handy. Little do they know it, but during my time at home, they are going to see alot more of me! (hehehe evil laugh!)
  9. How long is a piece of string?

    I'm into bikes like vtr250, zzr250, gpx250, cbr250rr, fzr250, across, spada, gt250r.

    I'd suggest to go to a large bike shop and ask to be shown which ones are learner legal.
  10. Welcome to the long and winding road anyway :).
  11. I did 3 hours and the Qride course here in QLD.

    Get as much riding as you can in.

    Nice bikes are gpx250's, zzr250's, vtr250's. all twins, easy to maintain, lots of info on them, and parts are everywhere. Not as sporty as a cbr250rr or zx2r, but not far behind.
  12. ah phizog the man that doesn't eliminate anything just about :LOL: as long as its got two wheels, is reliable and feels comfortable you can't go wrong hey? :LOL:

    anyway i can't personally add to anything everyone else has said they've hit the nail on the head, by time and bikes that is, sometimes just sitting on a stationary bike, a feeling of bless comes over you, and you feel at one with the bike, i found mine now i just need a spare $20,000 to get it