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New to Riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Gazzatron, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Hi ladies and gents.
    Im Gaz, a 32 year old originally from NZ now residing in Sydney.
    I just finished my 2 day L's course and DKT test.
    I pick up my new V Star Custom tomorrow morning and im like a kid on christmas eve!!
    I did a lot of research before deciding on the Vstar and weighed up all the pros and cons and decided to take the plunge.
    Im a decent sized unit (over 100kg and 6'6) and made sure I got the control extensions.
    I struggled big time finding riding gear that fit due to my long arms and had to opt for a skull cap style helmet to fit over my dreadlocks. So deciding on what bike to get was the easy part!!!
    I had never been on a bike until 2 days ago and I must say, the learner course is a little strange and im a little bit nervous about riding my bike home tomorrow.
    Anyways, I just thought id introduce myself and if anyone has any tips before I pick up the new ride tomorrow it would be much appreciated.

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  2. Welcome Gaz, it's a friendly bunch around here!

    When you are confident chase up the Sydney based group rides, very social as well as good ride.

    Riding tips? Take it easy till you get used to your new bike & ride at a pace YOU are comfortable with.

    There are sections of the forum with riding & safety tips as well.
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  3. Welcome Gaz,
    Good luck with the new ride.

    Typically the VStar clutches are a bit tricky. They take a little while to get used to.
    First thing I did on mine was rotate the bars forward 2" to give me a more comfortable riding position.
    After you are comfortable on it have a look at forward control extensions to stretch you legs out a little and get your knees away from your chin. Johno's cruiser customising does a good cheap kit.
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  4. welcome aboard Gaz :)

    Congrats on the LS & the bike.

    As for the ride home go out of peak traffic time & just take it easy :)
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  5. Thanks for the welcome guys.
    This site has been a great source for all sorts of info so far and hope to be able to contribute to it myself soon.

    Stever42: Im one step ahead on the control extensions and I pick them up tomorrow along with the bike. Being a lanky bugger, im constantly looking for ways to create leg room whether its on a bike, in a car or plane!!
    Cheers for the tips!!
  6. Kia ora Gaz :v:v:v
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  8. Welcome to the forum mate
  9. Welcome mate :cool:
  10. Did you know that Pacman was a kiwi too :v:v:v hakka hakka hakka. :D
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  11. Hey Gaz, I'd give it a few weeks before fitting them if they aren't already fitted.
    They will change your riding position a bit and make getting your foot down quickly a bit harder.
  12. Welcome Gaz :) You've come to a good place!
  13. Congrats Gaz!
    Well done and as long as you keep practicing and Remember to breathe you'll get there :)
    As some of the other peeps have said: once you're a bit more comfy, get yourself to one of the training days from the Sydney-ites - well worth it! Sunny side up :D
  14. Welcome to NR and congrats on the new ride.
  15. Hi Gaz :)
    Congrats on the licence and new bike (y)
    I'm going for my Ls in Adelaide this week so I understand the excitement levels lol
    Have a safe first ride home mate.
  16. Thanks everyone.
    I picked up Vinnie the V Star yesterday and I am quite impressed by it so far.
    I did have one moment of near fatality but otherwise I made it home safely up the M5 from Liverpool to Beverly Hills and felt resonably comfortable although I did have a mate following behind me in his van.
    Made a few rookie errors like forgetting to turn off my indicators etc.
    The place I got my bike made a mistake by fitting the short shotz exhaust instead of just supplying it and WOW it is loud!!
    I wanted to be a little more incognito while still learning the ropes but theres no chance of that happening when its that loud!!
    The bike came in white but I will be changing that by wrapping it in a brushed black metallic vinyl. Im a window tinter and have done a fair bit of wrapping before and have a hookup for the vinyl for free so it wont cost me anything.
    Im also going to change the indicators as its looks like Yamaha built the bike and forgot it needed indicators so slapped on some from a bus they had out the back.
    I can already see what people were talking about when they said it needs a 6th gear but when im limited to 90kmh anyway it wont make too much difference.
    All in all im really happy with it.
    Looks great, sounds like a beast, good power, easy to ride, big enough for a guy my size although those forward extensions will help my long legs once I get around to fitting them.
    Easy to push around and well balanced when at a set of traffic lights.
    Cant ask for much more from a learner cruiser really
    Once I have bit more experience I will definitely be getting along to some of these learner events and meeting some new people.
    Thanks everyone for your tips and greetings. Im one happy Kiwi right now!!!
  17. Has let us know how you go with the vinyl . Share some pics when wrapped. Cheers
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  18. Welcome Gaz and congrats !!!. Sounds like you have made an excellent choice on your bike and its suiting you well.

    Question - how do you wrap the vinyl without producing folds ?. I am thinking of doing a clear wrap with some custom 'sharpie' art on mine but it has some tight angles.
  19. Welcome to the forums GazzatronGazzatron

    Awesome bike, though I'm biased. :D

    I'd the 650 Custom from 2011-2015. 4 years and 40K kms... Didn't miss a beat and lots of fond memories...

    I agree with you re: the shorties. They're a wee bit loud ... I'd the Vance and Hines Cruzers which were old enough.

    Have fun....
  20. Welcome to NR from Adelaide