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New to riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jeffco, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Hello all just wanted to say thanks to all the net rider users. I am returning to riding after 20 years and have been using the forums as a guest to research helmets gloves jackets etc and it has been great. After reading the post on gear i went down to bikers gear Australia (ferntree Gully)and picked up a new jacket and gloves. Now i just need my learners (next friday) and a bike. Anyway thanks & i look forward to many happy riding days.

  2. Hi Jeffco, welcome to NR, if you're looking for kevlar jeans, you would know about Takamii then??
    When you get your bike, pop down to sat morn prac sessions, we have a few people out east that ride in, if you need an escort in put your hand up.
  3. Welcome to NR and welcome to being a motorcyclist again (y)
  4. Thanks for the welcome goodie, havent heard of Takamii but have been looking at dragon are they similar? And im looking forward to the sat morn practices. Hope to be on the road soon. Just got to get my bike. Im looking at 2nd hand 250cc cruisers Suzuki intruder, Yamaha vstar, Honda v25 custom, Kawasaki VN eliminator. Do you or any other NR user have any thoughts on the choices? any info would be appreciated. :)
  5. If I may suggest: depending on your budget try going for a 650 rather than 250.

    Last year I was going through the same dilemma and settled for Yamaha V-star 650 & am glad that I did. You will get bored of the 250 very quickly. And you have ridden in the past so 650 is the way to go.

    Just my 2c worth.
  6. THanks for the info lazy libran i have been thinking of that option but have a budget 4-5k to stick to. have been looking at some yamaha xvs 650's but out of my price budgets suck
  7. Check the Bikes for Sale section. Kingpin is selling his v-star & you could take a look. I know him very well & he has looked after the bike since he had it.

    I've been on numerous NetRider rides with him & the bike is an absolute beast.
  8. hey lazy libran just checked out kingpin's ride in the classifieds and it looks awsome, but i dont think i can manage the asking price :-( im down to 4 & 1/2 after getting my helmet/ jeans /jacket /gloves . Thanks for the heads up though just have to keep looking or win tatts :)
  9. I'd buy that bike if I had the cash, if thats gonna be your first bike, get the needed cash, it'll serve you for along time, they are a good reliable bike
  10. I can understand but If you can manage a little bit extra, it will serve you in the long run.

    Give him a call to see if he's willing to move on the price.
  11. Hi Jeffco and welcome to NR
  12. I will give it some thought maybe i can cook the books so the missus doesnt know how much i spend :)
  13. Welcome to Netrider, hope to see you at sat practice when you sort out a bike.
  14. Hey Jeffco. Welcome back to riding. And welcome to NR. Enjoy!
  15. Hi Jeffco and welcome to Netrider,

    I think for your first bike, you should go bigger than the 250's so you'll stay with that and be satisfied a little longer.

    My first bike I bought to get my licence on was a 2005 Kawasaki ER5

    It's a 500cc paralell twin that won't frighten you too much and they are a great all purpose bike to commute, have fun with, do a bit of touring...it'll do it all.

    The model is getting a bit old now which is great for you because many of them fit within your price catagory. I did a 1,700km tour around the Northern nsw area on my ER5 and it never missed a beat and had ample power for what you need.

    They are a naked style bike so no expensive fairings to worry about and it's kinder on insurance as well.

    Just an example of what's avail in Vic now:


    I highly recommend these bikes to learn on till you find out what kind of bike you really want for your 2nd.


  16. Welcome to NR :)
  17. Hey all great news for me anyway :) just purchased a new secondhand bike. 1997 kawasaki EL 250 ELiminator it has 12500 original k's i hdd it checked out by brett of madbiker (thanks NR for the advice) and he said it was perfect all original no problems. i like the feel of a small cruiser being on short side myself. so im looking forward to catching up with other NR members on the learners rides once i get my learners nexr week. looking forward to seeing you all out there. i posted a pic of the bike on the rides your lusting after thread. the ventura bike rack will go :)
  18. Congrats on the purchase. (y)