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New to riding

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mattyk23, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey i guys im 23 from Queensland and i used to ride bikes as a kid but never really did much after that till now GF dumped me so time for a change and i think a road bike would be the perfect option (just dont tell my mum lol ) im currently in the process of looking for a nice road bike to cruise up and down the coast looking foward to chatting to all you and getting advice and help

    thanks heaps cheers matty :)

  2. Welcome to NR matty :)
  3. matty, she didnt dump you, you upgraded!!

    welcome to NR, enjoy the ride and freedom..
  4. Welcome to NR where about r u? Get a nice bike n let's hurt girls down the coast Lol Sounds like a perfect idea!!!
  5. ....Hurt girls down the coast? ...Que???
  6. hahaha i mean hunt lol so stupid...
  7. welcome
  8. welcome, good to see another qld rider,
  9. Hooray! Welcome to Netrider! :D
  10. Good to see another Queenslander on here. Don't worry too much about ya mum - my folks were pretty against it, so I eased them in with skydiving lessons. Dad still wasn't too happy, but 12 months after me getting my licence/3 months after me getting my bike he has now gone and gotten his own licence/bike.