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New to Riding need opinions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedRobbo, May 10, 2012.

  1. I know there some threads on here talking about lane splitting/filtering. I was kind of the opinion it is better to sit behind cars in traffic. Then upon reading forums and blogs a lot of people saying no way to dangerous. So what i would like is for all you experianced riders to give me some feedback. As the la stands i believe it is legal in most states maybe apart from Qld. Any feedback would be appreciated as I am a little confussed on this subject and want to make sure I am doing the right right once I get out there on the road:biker:.

  2. There is a difference between slitting and filtering but neither are legal. As a new rider I would say focus on the basics first before thinking about either. Then later you can make your own decision on whether you choose to do it.
  3. if you're new to riding you'd be far better to focus on stuff like emeergency braking [something that can save your life] instead of filtering which can easily endanger it..

    Do you get to prac sessions on sat morn?
  4. Thanks for the reply I haven't bought a bike yet am going to got my learners a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the advice, I have heard the horror stories of sitting in traffic and being rammed from behind. Also I thought it was legal to get to the front of a queue providing all cars are stationary and you do it a low speed not so?
  5. As the other two have said.. its not legal (yet) for both splitting and filtering, a few people on here have been done.. its a nice skill to have and use it at the correct times.. but for you only new to riding, i wouldn't bother at the moment till you have the basics down pat.

    If you want to do it, there's a few threads on here for tips, the most obvious being don't do it at a stale light.

    I personally only filter when i need to, its not something i have to do constantly.. and it depends on the day really if i'm not 100% i just don't bother.

    Enjoy the ride and work on the more important things in riding at the moment.. then work your way up! :)
  6. Its not illegal, but if you dont know why you havent been ridng long enpugh so you shouldnt do it.

    When you ride long enough why it is legal will come to you and the cars will part and it will be good.
  7. Yeh definitely not for learners. It takes alot of confidence alot of the time. Car drivers don't like it and some groups of people down right have it in for you (trade spec utes for example). But no one is going be happy if you stuff up and hit their mirror or slip and drop your bike onto their vehicle (and rightly so).

    Work your way up to it. First time ever did it I was on my Ps, traffic was totally gridlocked, was a stinking hot day, bike was overheating. The lanes were wide as hell and I could see a clean safe line for hundreds of meters ahead so I just went for it.

    I rarely split or filter anymore, not wanting to risk being fined is the main reason.
  8. Thanks so much for the advice everyone. I think I will stick with sitting behind the traffic for now but I am really confussed as some of you say it's illegal and other say it's legal is there any road rule stated anywhere to clarify?:?.
  9. i have never filtered except for traffic jams (how can a cop car catch you?)
    but do always keep an eye on the mirror

    Traffic skills are very advanced, and you must decide for yourself, because you can never totally abolish all risk, so it is your choice.

    practise in very low traffic (or offroad) if you can, basic bike control,
    proper braking is most important.

    learning to ride well will take years, using no other vehicle.
    50,000 kms in 3-5 years and you will be able to ride at a basic level,
    (unless you are a dirt jockey been riding since you were a foetus)

    take it easy, stay disciplined.
    check out the learners threads, people will help you out
  10. Fk that, I'm 2 weeks into having my first bike and I've started filtering. Has to be a nice clean line to the lights, but I do too much commuting not to be tempted.

    The stop-start and slow roll of traffic at 0.0001kph at peak hour is enough training for going slowly in a controlled path.

  11. when you get your bike n learners, come down to prac sessions on sat morns and build the experience, talk to experienced riders and and get an ear ful on how careful you must be..
    and not it isnt legal to filter or split lanes..
  12. it does'nt matter where you are in the world or what laws they have in place there.

    on a motorcycle you have a God given right to filter or split traffic at your whim.

    from God himself

    no legal system in the world can over rule God and Jesus
  13. MT1, we're trying to ease him into riding, then you can take him out on rides with you ..
  14. i've never tried it guys

    is it really that great?

    filtering (or doing it in her a*s)

    anything i do already seems illegal
  15. Thanks again for the opinions everyone. I talked to a guy today who has ridden on the road for 20 years. He told me I must learn how to do it, the dangers involved in sitting back in the traffic are huge. He said even if you started creeping up towards the front and someone blocks your path sit in the centre line and wait for the traffic to start moving. This part seems to be the only part I am uneasy about. I run my own business and have 3 young children to consider so taking up bike riding at this age is not a decision I am taking lightly but I want to be sure of doing everything I can to keep myself as safe as physically possible out there when I start riding. So please I would really appreciate more members giving me some more feedback to think about.
  16. I'd guess that what the experienced riders would "like" is for you to make an effort yourself and read through other threads where all your questions have already been answered.

    People have better things to do with their time than retyping the same answers to the same basic questions every time a new newbie joins a forum.

    Try using the "search" button. It works well.

    Plus, what they said ^^^.

    Plus, congrats on getting your learners :)
  17. Gee thanks mate for your useful contribution, I do use that great feature on this forum you must have a Degree Fig Jam mate legend.
  18. There is no specific law against it the four main ones used are from Road Safety Rules 2009

    Indicating when changing lanes Part 5 Division 1-Change of direction signals 42
    No overtaking unless safe to do so Part 11 Division 3 140
    Passing on the left. Part 11 Division 3 143
    Keeping a safe distance when overtaking. Part 11 Division 3 144

    Regarding being hit from behind in traffic.

    • Flash your brake lights well before you need to come to a stop.
    • Continue to flash them as the vehicle behind approaches.
    • Watch your mirrors to see if they are going to stop.
    • Leave yourself an escape route up between vehicles if the following vehicle is not going to stop.
    • Stay in gear and alert, ready to go
  19. 1) theory (as given by cjvfr ^^)
    2) practice

    And there's plenty more on the forum you could learn from. You can either search for it and read it, or hope that someone re-types scraps of it for you here. Your choice.

    I'm trying to help you, with the same goodwill as all the other times I've replied in your other threads. But if it's not working out for you, I'll stop.
  20. Hey mate, thanks for a reply I guess it's the only part about motorcycling I am concerned or worried about when I get out there. This is an awesome forum and I can see the fun, goodwill, & friendships that are made here. I will certainly take on your advice:).