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New to riding, good stuff on the riding tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sasp, May 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    Just got my bike cbr 125r couple of days ago, and i got introduced to this forum, after reading some of your tips and guides. i feel i have gain so much more knowledge... just wanted to shout out good job guys.

    And btw, im learning how to ride my self(on my quiet street), going the the training center in a couple of weeks (NSW) can i bring my own bike?


  2. to do your L's or going for P's?
  3. L's :grin:
  4. geez mate, is the pope black, u can take your bike, no problems but watch how fast the instructor throws u off the course, dont play with fire mate, get your L's then enjoy your bike
  5. lol.. fairenuff
  6. The instructors are not the RTA, they don't care if you ride your own bike there prior to gaining you L's.

    We had 2 people ride to my L's test in October last year.

    You use their supplied bikes for the L's 'test?' anyway.
  7. When i got my L's some bloke rocked up on a GSXR 600... When we had our lunch break he went to open it up coming out of the carpark... stalled it.

    Instructor was pissed off but couldn't do anything about it. He said the amount of peopel who go through there that he doesnt want to have a license and become a statistic is huge... But he has to because as long as they pass theres nothing he can do.

    I think they should have more right to refuse people
  8. Whoa - slow down and get your L's permit first! Go to the RTA, do your computer test, get your licence and then learn to ride.

    Don't ride to your training - you're not better than the rest of us who waited patiently the six or so weeks before we could get a booking at rider training and then do a computer test.

    Sorry - but I don't see why people think they can go ahead and deliberately flout the law as if there aren't any consequences.
  9. nah, im not gonna ride to any major roads or to the training course, just wondered if i could.

    Just passing the time riding on the open fields and empty streets. :)