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New to Riding (and with Glasses)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by theprof, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    About an hour ago I took delivery of my first bike. It is Honda VTR250 and I like it enough already. I was rather nervous riding out of the dealership but it felt progressively better as I went down further. I have learned to ride because I would like to become capable enough to eventually ride my dream bike in 15 months. Well, still a long way to go mentally!

    Also, I wondered whether anyone here is uncool enough to be riding with prescription glasses. It feels a tad awkward under the helmet with glasses but not too bad really. Any tips I could use apart from sticking fiddly plasticky bits in my eye?

    Best wishes.
  2. Welcome to the madhouse that is Netrider.

    I too ride with glasses. Don't like contact lenses.

    i just put the hat on and slide thw fromes in beside my head... current frames aren't really good for this but getting new ones soon.

    just make sure the glasses are snug. last thng you want is your glases moving when you go over bumps or when you do head checks etc.

    Anyway, welcome and come along to a coffee night or some rides.
  3. Thank you for that Drew. Coffee and rides you say. Please enlighten or point in right direction to attain enlightenment regarding these two necessary things in life.
  4. look at he Vic Rides and event section of the Forum. There is a coffee night somewhare most nights of the week.

    Friday Arvo at southbank is a general good staring place. Depending on your location. Coffe and food style addictions can easily be satisfied via the foodcourt. I'll be going this week so if you want to meet nearby i can show you the way if you like

    Ride events will also be posted inthe same section of the forum
  5. Welcome to the Forum

    Those bits of plastic are IMHO, one of the best inventions ever, but maybe not for this post :wink:

    I always wear sunnies (or change lenses out when riding at night time) so much the same as your prescription glasses, only a bit bulkier.

    So I take it you've already bought a helmet? And the bike shop didn't recommend a flip-face despite you wearing glasses? I've had a Nolan flip for over a year and very comfortable right up to highway speeds.

    Enjoy the new bike
  6. unfortunately the shops don't seem to mention it much

    wish i'd bought a flip face or at least found something bit easier.. but i've got used to what i'm doing now.
  7. I just had a look at a flip-face helmet. I had no idea a helmet could do that! Truly brilliant. Anyway, that will have to wait for next time now unfortunately.

    Or, perhaps this will be motivation to get that corrective laser treatment for my eyes now. Costs about 400 for a quality job in India, (which is how much my glasses cost here!) so next time I'm there...
  8. hey theprof, welcome along. Riding with glasses is no problem if the next time you get glasses, make sure you get titanium frames, or something robust, and make sure they fit 'close' to your head, so they are snug under the helmet. The main damage glasses sustain is in taking them off and putting them on with the helmet on, the arms take a pounding.

    R-Jays have a nice single-colour flip-face helmet in the market at the moment for only $249, I tried one on today, and it's great. Loz has a more expensive model Nolan, and rumour has it that it's wombat-proof :LOL:.
  9. I clean my glasses before each ride. Glasses can fog up easily, so cleanly the visor and glasses is important.
  10. Hey congrats on the new bike! I have glasses too and some time ago I posted a pretty similar post to yours. I have a regular shoei helmet and I slip the glasses on after I put the helmet on. It's pretty comfortable and just like doing things besides riding I forget that I have them on sometimes.

    It might be a little awkward at first but trust me you'll get used to it. Nowadays putting on and taking off my helmet and glasses have become one smooth motion.

    The only time I have a bit of trouble with them is when I'm riding a bike that demands a more aggressive riding position. I find that my chin is tucked in more and the angle I use to see the road is actually over the top of my frames.
  11. Put your helmet on, then your glasses. Been doing it for 30 years - it's no big deal and will help protect your eyes when you need to pop the visor open.
  12. Only wear sunglasses when riding. Find the arai helmets are great. There is a track between the face cheek pads and the head pads that you can slide the sunglass arms into like tracks! :grin:

    The bonus is that you can put on / take off the glasses once the helmet is on, and it actually lifts the glasses off your nose ridge, so no rubbing during those long journeys.
  13. Thank you for all your perspectives. I think I'll plough through with my glasses for now but one of those trick helmets that open the whole front face is on my radar now.

    It makes me smile when I think how hard I rode my 50cc TVS Champ moped almost 18 years ago compared to how cautiously I ride my VTR. c'est la vie....
  14. I ride with glasses too.

    One thing to be aware of is that flexible framed glasses tend to last longer than ones with stiff frames and arms.

    If they are too stiff then they tend to end up bent (and eventually broken) I've found.

    I've never found a 'need' for a flip face helmet in almost 30 years of riding with glasses, but they do look like they'd be a bit less hassle at times :)
  15. G'day!

    I wear contacts when riding, and found that cutting back the arms on my sunnies (so they end just over the ear) helps slide them on with the helmet on.......not sure I would want to do it to a pair of my specs - unless they were old spares.
  16. Sound like a lot of you guys wear glasses :]

    but i had a friend who told be that he didn't like to wear glasses, as you don't have as good periferial vision as if he wore contacts.

    Any thoughts in regards to this?
  17. peripheral vision would naturally be limited by the fact that the range of motion of the eye exceeds the coverage of the glass in your spectacles. in the ideal case contacts would probably the more optimal choice.

    however, it seems i am not alone in feeling a little squeamish when using contacts. so i guess its about what one should do if the first-best solution is not an option.
  18. True true.

    but even though it is a compromise do you think it is a significant compromise?

    I surpose it would also depend how poor your or my eyesight is as well.

    But as a person who wears both contacts and glasses would you recommend that i i still wear glasses solely because i couldn't be bothered putting in contact lens.

    To compare it to an extreme would it be like not wearing your gear, just because you couldn't be bothered putting it on. If this makes the question make more sense.
  19. Have been through all this, from specs to contacts to lasik surgery.
    Laser correction is the ideal. Contacts work unless you like to keep your visor open (they can dry out in the wind).
    If you intend to use glasses, consider the style. The current fashion for small, narrow lenses may look OK, but it's bad for peripheral vision. You may even want a different style for riding.
  20. ok I am the contact wearer category
    hate wearing my glasses at the best of times
    would LOVE lasik but I dont qualify
    believe me I keep trying though

    now I ride with my visor open alot this winter and as long as you maintain your eye moistening ie blinking its not too bad

    I have rode horses out mustering and droving and been behind the pack with contacts on, so i guess riding the bike seems alot easier to me

    you could always get a small pack of the monthly ones and see how you go. Ultimately everyones comfort zone is different so who knows it might work out a good choice for yourself