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new to riding, and this forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by iolithblue, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    im a new rider with a lightly used CB400. im loving the ripping revs of the little honda that could, and im taking my time to learn ridecraft and be a better rider each time. happy to take any maitnance and riding tips.
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  2. Howdy, firstly welcome to the forums.

    I also ride a CB400. As these bikes have chains , lubing your chain should be on the list of things to do to ensure your chain life is optimal.
    If you have the manual and tools, located under the seat, then there's a section in that on what to check on your bike. That would be a good starting point.
  3. thanks. its due for rego in a week or so, im going to stump up for michelin road 4s.
  4. What colour did you get?
  5. under the dirt, brake dust, and crap thrown off the chain, its pearl white. its a '09. ive bought a ventura top box, and im looking into a set of driving lights due to the country location i ride in.
  6. Oh nice.. post a pic when you get a chance ;-)

    I have the Kriega tail bag for mine, didn't really need a box or big bag, so i got the 20ltr one for my wet gear.
  7. Welcome and enjoy the ride!
  8. thanks! the hard box i felt was more practical for incedental purchases, plus i can strap a soft bag to it on the back seat for longer trips.

    this will seem like a noob comment, but given how zippy my 400 is, man a big bore supersports must rip your arms off!
  9. iolithblueiolithblue yeah i completely understand. The first time i really gave my bike a kick i could feel the handlebars wanting to take off... You do get used to it though pretty quickly.
  10. Yup, and familiarity breeds contempt lol. Hence the aftermarket bits and pieces - I've seen guys tweaking C63 mercs to get more oomph (because 336kw stock is not enough to shred your tyres....>:O)...
  11. i used to sell those things. much preferred the sheer grunt of the old m113 supercharged 5.4V8 in the e/s/cls55. but i know what you mean. i found myself wondering what my mates vfr800 feels like.....
  12. I read and article about a bloke who bought one of the first new Rocket 3's and immediately strapped a 'blower' to it, because 2300cc between 2 wheels isn't enough.

    One of the locals has Boss Hoss. Essentially a small block V8 between to wheels.
  13. surely grip becomes the limiting factor very quickly. mind you, mid-range acceleration must be violent.
  14. There is no doubt care must be taken, best not twist the throttle as hard and fast as you can.

    One of our managers has a very customised and modified HD soft tail. He was telling me that on his first test ride after doing the mods he thought he'd already fried the clutch because there was lots of noise but not much forward progression, then he notice the plume of tyre smoke in his mirrors.
  15. b12mickb12mick - check this video, quite amusing..

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  16. yup, a classic. there is a similar one with a civic? either one good fun at their expense.