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New to riding and NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Peter Issa, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll be moving to Sydney next week from Melbourne to live and work permanently. Ever since I stumbled into a bike shop four years ago and laid eyes on the chrome of Yamaha cruisers I've always wanted to ride. So now that I need a NSW license within three months I though I might as well follow my dream!

    I have little experience with bikes. My brother used to ride and he was a part of the netriders community but he stopped after a crash. I used to drive next to him in the car around Melbourne which was a real eye opener, seeing how other road users ignore bikes and conversely how other riders weave dangerously in and out of heavy traffic.

    So, as soon as I get to Sydney I'll be learning to ride. My gut is set on getting a nice LAMS cruiser, I was happy to see the Yamaha vstar 650 being learner approved but in the end I won't settle until I get my hands on a Harley. I'll be asking a few questions around when I get the time.

    Happy to be a Netrider! See you around :)
  2. Welcome and enjoy Sydney. Are you moving to the outskirts, or CBD?
  3. Hey Azz, thanks for the welcome!

    I'll be living and working around Central Station, in Surry Hills.
  4. Welcome along Peter.
    I a living pretty close to where you'll be living.
    Good luck with finding your self that bike
  5. Welcome to NR(y)
  6. Welcome to Netrider, and to a slightly less fraught place to ride.
    Obviously, get your self involved with the Homebush Learners' get-together; ozyoda and the gang have mentored hundreds of new people through the early scary days of riding, and they have heaps to give.
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