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New to riding and Australia(Melbourne) fresh from Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Lament, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I've been reading this forum the past couple of weeks since even before I landed in Melbourne so I thought it was due time to introduce myself.

    Just made a permanent move to Melbourne from Calgary, Canada. Brand new to riding as well, already got my learners and pick up my first bike (GS500) in a few days.

    Still don't know many people in the city, and don't even know any riders back home in Canada either. Would like to change that with some luck.

    Names Connor, friendly, active and 28 years young. Cheers!
  2. Welcome to Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Motorcycling & to NetRider Forums! Phew!

    I would suggest that you come down to St Kilda Practice sessions once you get your bike sorted out. (y)
  3. Welcome to Melbourne, and welcome to riding. Hope you enjoy both :)
  4. Thanks, I will definitely take advantage of those St. Kilda sessions.

    I'm already really enjoying Melbourne even with knowing so few people. I already almost wish I moved 10 years ago. But i'm here now and and can finally start riding too.
  5. and the best thing about Aussies and Canadians is.................

    we are not English or Americans !!!
  6. Yeah look at the flag,its all English, not one bit Ozzstralian
    Anyway hi and welcome,hope our roads are as good as yours:-({|=
  7. We ride all year here, we dont shut our bikes away for 6 months like Canada does,

    Exceptionally rare to get snow in Melbourne itself,
  8. All English ?
    Look to the right of the Union Jack and what do you see?
    Oh my it is the Southern Cross.
    All English ... Pfffffft
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  9. Welcome to NR Lament. Looks like you've found the Saturday practice thread, so no need for me to repost it here. Feel free to join the brekky crew at Dr Jekylls too if you like (we're gonna need to start hogging BOTH big tables soon, particularly when the weather warms up LOL - shove those lycra clad back inside where they belong! I see those pussies don't come out in the cold.)

    The beauty of Sat practice is not only the practice and the benefit you reap from it, it's also a really good way to meet a sizeable chunk of the local NRs.

    Best of luck with your bike.
  10. Thanks for all the welcome. With a little luck I may be out this Saturday already. Look forward to it.
  11. Don't forget to check the Sat thread at around 8am to see if it's on. Adverse weather conditions can cause it to be called off, and the forecast is for showers - just depends on how bad they are.

    If it's on, I'll most likely be there, but I won't be at brekky this week.
  12. Look at the flag yourself and what do you see Union Jack Union Jack Union Jack,thats what foreigners see an english flag with a couple of dots how embaressing,you sound like a know all pom
    And what does the southern cross mean.

  13. There is only one Union Jack, not three.
    I think the term you were looking for is 'whinging Pom' as 'know it all Pom' is virtually an oxymoron.

    Below the Union Jack is a white Commonwealth or Federation star. It has seven points representing the unity of the six states and the territories of the Commonwealth of Australia. The star is also featured on the Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

    The Southern Cross is shown on the fly of the flag in white. This constellation of five stars can be seen only from the southern hemisphere and is a reminder of Australia’s geography.

    5 white stars (representing the Southern Cross) in the half of the flag further from the staff.
    The location of the stars is as follows

    Commonwealth Star – 7 pointed star, centred in lower hoist.[

    Alpha Crucis – 7 pointed star, straight below centre fly 1/6 up from bottom edge.
    Beta Crucis – 7 pointed star, 1/4 of the way left and 1/16 up from the centre fly.
    Gamma Crucis – 7 pointed star, straight above centre fly 1/6 down from top edge.
    Delta Crucis – 7 pointed star, 2/9 of the way right and 31/240 up from the centre fly.
    Epsilon Crucis – 5 pointed star, 1/10 of the way right and 1/24 down from the centre fly.
    The outer diameter of the Commonwealth Star is 3/10 of the flag's width, while that of the stars in the Southern Cross is 1/7 of the flag's width, except for Epsilon, for which the fraction is 1/12. Each star's inner diameter is 4/9 of the outer diameter. The flag's width is the measurement of the hoist edge of the flag (the distance from top to bottom).The stars are named after the first five letters of the Greek alphabet, in decreasing order of brightness in the sky.
  14. mmm how many states and territories are there??
  15. It states 'territories' ... Plural

    Look it up people
  16. Hijack thread complete. haha.
  17. Welcome to NR :)
  18. From one Canadian to another - welcome, eh!

    BTW - Happy Canada Day!

    Toronto, Canada here! Although I'm in Sydney.
  19. Welcome to Australia, there are heaps of rides and you're in the right place mate.