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New to QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GordyBee, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to post and say hi. I've just moved with the wife from London 6 weeks ago and just picked up a 2011 Kawasaki ZX6R. It's been 5 years since My last bike and can't wait to get out and meet like minded people.

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  2. Welcome to the forum GordyBeeGordyBee and also to Oz :)
    Nice place to ride bikes and best time of year !
    There's a few Brisbane-ites that ride so keep an eye out for them.
    Also check out the events page for organized rides.

    Stay upright!
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  3. gday GordyBeeGordyBee and welcome to NR - get some sunblock, you're gonna love the summer and the riding
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  4. Welcome to Australia mate
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  5. Welcome to NR and Brissy. I hope the weather here doesn't put you off riding too much. There's a few of us up here always out riding but we're terrible organizers.
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  6. Where abouts in Brissy are you?
  7. Not going to lie, it's feeling a little warm already. Not sure I'm going to get much use out of my one or two piece leathers. I think it's time to go shopping for draggin jeans and venter textile jackets :)
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  8. Ha, leathers can get away with for 3 months of year - rest of time it's mesh and ice vests. Get out now while the weather is perfect cause soon it'll be stinking
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  9. Cheers for the advice. Sounds like a great excuse to go shopping :)
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  10. Welcome mate :cool:
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  11. Ya@gordybee. Keep an eye on CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster he knows his roads round Brisbane surrounds well :)
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  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide and big welcome to Australia
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  13. Welcome to the forum mate
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  14. I'm in the west (Indooroopilly Area)
  15. ah ha, guess Nebo, Glorious etc are your normal routes. I usually only go up there on the weekends as am on south and don't feel like humping it thru the city on week days. I usually go down around GC hinterland or west and then where ever. Let us know if you're looking for someone to ride with as am usually going out and about one way or another
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  16. Welcome GordyBeeGordyBee from a fellow ex-pat. :) I picked a much more English climate though... well, for six months of the year. ;) First time you adopt ATGATT in 42 degrees, drop me a hi-5 :)
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  17. Sounds like some sort of religious confession. :) Welcome aboard

    Not too far away so maybe catch up some time. Up for it CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster ?
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  18. No, it's not too far for CaffeineM... I busted him riding the GC roads this morning, while I was out 'working' :rolleyes:;):sneaky::whistle:
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  19. ValvolineValvoline they are my closest - easiest to get to roads - pretty damn nice also.

    DangerousDangerous got a plan?
  20. Maybe GordyBeeGordyBee wants to see a bit more than Glorious?
    Head down the coast? Been a while for me, but not you obviously.
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