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New to NSW... Buying a second hand bike!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nismo_r33, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Hi, I am new to NSW and this forum too. I am buying my first bike. And I have some questions about buying a second hand bike.

    Do I need to bring the bike to do inspection? (pink slip?) If I need pink slip to transfter rego, should the seller sell with pink slip or I get it by myself?

  2. Get the seller to do the pinkslip and show it to you before you hand over the cash. That way you *KNOW* you wont ahve to spend a single cent to bring the bike up to roadworthy condition.

    That is unless your buying a bike from interstate or has been out of rego for 3months+. Both of which have their own bunch of problems.

    If it's Interstate, try to convince them to provide the local equiv of a blue slip if you can. locally, get them to provide one if they can be bothered (i just bought a bike yesterday that was unregistered for 18months and last registered in qld and im going to be blue slipping it today after i have a post-nightshift nap.
  3. Pink Slip is useless for deciding whether a bike is safe or not.

    They don't even start the bike up for the pink slip.

    Check brake and indicator lights work + horn. That's it.
  4. Urgh - undeletable double post
  5. Having just yesterday got nailed with over 2 grand of stuff that needs to be done to my car *after it passed a roadworthy inspection* - and I'm talking stuff like two seized shocks and two broken engine mounts, not just details - I'd strongly recommend paying the $100 or so that it would cost to get a prospective second hand bike checked over by an independent bike mechanic. My bike has been perfect, thanks to the guys who did it up and sold it to me, but you might run into some dishonest prick like the one that sold me the car...
  6. Nismo_r33 do you know any other rider who you could take along with you to give the bike a complete once over? I mean someone who has ridden for awhile will beable to notice things. Also check service history, cos if I bike has been well maintained ever if it has a few k's on the clock it should run really well.