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New to NR

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chats, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Hi there, I recently joined NR after buying my first bike in Australia (Ninja 300 SE) and have found some topics on the forums quite helpful so far. However I haven't found much information about women specific road boots. I used to be based in the UK and during my relocation to Brisbane, my motorbike boots appear to have gone missing and I have to invest in a new pair.

    I've been trawling websites/reviews to gather information on women's road boots and struggling to find a pair that are suitable for my wants/needs/budget. I use my bike for recreational rides and the odd commute to work a couple of times a week.

    I'm after a boot that provides good toe, ankle and shin protection, is not going to be too hot in the QLD summer, fits a narrow foot, skinny ankle and slim calf, and is not pink. I'm 5ft8 so a heel is not required. I've tried on several boots at a local Brisbane Motorcycle gear retailer and so far most of the boots are too big around the foot, heel and calf, especially mens/unisex boots. The Falco Venus 2 fit okay, but I'm concerned they wont provide enough ankle protection in the event of an off. The other boots I've looked at are the Falco 330 Axis 2 and Gaerne Black Rose - polar opposite boots - however the shop in Brisbane didn't have my size in either. I've read only good things about the Gaerne Rose boots, especially from women with narrow feet. They are a slightly taller boot than the axis, full leather and waterproof, but I'm concerned they may be too hot for the summer?? The axis have plastic heel and ankle protection and an internal shin guard, but are a synthetic upper, rather than leather. Apparently they are waterproof also. I don't plan to ride when rain is on the forecast, but I'm sure there'll be occasions when I get caught out, so WP could be an added bonus.

    Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated.

  2. Welcome to NR :cool:

    My wifey (aka SibiSibi) bought some Joe Rocket "Heartbreakers". Sure they have purple on the inside (all black on the outside) but she loves them.
  3. Welcome to Netrider, and the perennial hunt for gear!!!
  4. Welcome to the forum.

    69SIM69SIM - they had to go and name them 'heartbreakers' now did they...
  5. Though they do have a hidden heel inside. They are very comfortable.
  6. Apparently so... ;)
  7. #7 Sibi, Sep 2, 2016
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    And Welcome ChatsChats :)
    I too have narrow foot and heel
  8. Sounds like you've great legs!

    Seriously though, I find Brissy retailers have crappy selections. If know your size for a particular brand consider ordering online
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I've seen these boots advertised, and though they look stylish, I'm not sure they offer the level of ankle protection I'm after. They also have a built in 2.5" heel - as much as I love wearing a pair of stylish heels, I don't really want a pair for riding my bike, my feet make good contact with the ground without a heel.
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  10. Why thank you and yes I do plan to order online - just went into the Brisbane store to try a few pairs on to get an idea of fit. I'm a size 39 and the falco venus 2 fit, I could get the falco axis size 38 on but my toes were too cramped. I tried on the Gaerne Rose size 38 but couldn't get my foot all the way into the boot and I've since read they run small. MCAS has a size 40 in stock I will probably order. Another online retailer has an Axis 2 on special in a 39 in Black/white - was after Black but would have to wait a month for the model to come in.
  11. Howdy ChatsChats & welcome to semi tropical brisvegas :)
    Bwahahahaha sorry luvey but regardless what proper riding boot you buy it WILL be hot in the Brisbane summer. :wacky:
    I always prefer to be well protected over being hot. But depends on your preferences.

    Try the bike shops at Logan too near Moss st. There's several there and a Moto supermarket. There's one shop too in Beenleigh but rather limited in ladies boots... It's just a case of try try try unfortunately.
    You can get many more ladies gear reviews of you become a premium member and get access to the ladies only section.

    I've had some RST waterproof boots and they were the bomb but only last me about 2yrs tops before I kill them from overuse. I now have Rukkas / Daytona boots & they're worth their weight in gold but you will pay for them!!

    Hope to see you round the traps!! :)
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  12. Thanks for the feedback Sibi, based on that I'll give the boots some consideration.
  13. Thanks for the info on the Brisbane retailers, Logan and Beenleigh are a bit of a trek from North Brisbane but if they stock a good selection of boots I can try on, they may be worth a look.
  14. Why don't you take the inland long way and include some twisties to get there?? :p Shopping for bike stuff AND riding! What more can a gal want!!
  15. The Moss St shops have pretty much the same so so selection. The shark leathers place on the GC actually has some different gear very cheap.

    ChatsChats you can order from abroad as well for a brands full range. I ordered some stuff from Dianese in Italy arrived within a week
  16. Welcome aboard.
  17. welcome aboard :)
  18. Welcome along.
    I have an ongoing issue with boots. I also wear size 39 but have wide feet. I had a* Stella ones (black with a little bit of pink) but they fell apart within a year so returned then to MCAS. The Gaerne replacements, while very good in terms of protection, are a bit tight in the width so I'm still hunting for the right fit.
    I may need to gamble on ordering Daytonas in the hope of a good fit.
    As many mention, the selection is rubbish for girls.
    Good luck with the quest. Enjoy the riding