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New to NR

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ElliRooks, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Hi there, seems like I'm not the only new one around here;-) thought I'd better say hello too, I'm literally new to everything,just got my liscence(yay!) And trying to get everything organized to hit the road...which seems to b a challenge in cairns- I'm a size 4/6 in everything (that's like an xs) and everything available here in the shops is waaay to big:-( anyone else out here with the same problem- and good advice? I'm not keen on doing random eBay trial& error shopping:-/

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  2. Welcome aboard ElliRooksElliRooks :)

    Don't be put off by Ebay or secondhand like gumtree or even check the for sale stuff on here.

    I grabbed a great pair of sneaker style boots from here so its worth checking out.

    Also remember to check out the bargin bins and clearance areas of your local stores.

    Goood luck :)
  3. Hi and Welcome Elli. Yes a lot of the more petite ladies have some issues with gear and also bike height. You may be OK ordering from some of the bigger stores in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.
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  4. Welcome :cool:

    Good luck with the gear searching, it's well worth it, riding is fantastic :)
  5. Hi ElliRooks, congrats on getting your licence! I don't know much about Cairns, do you have big franchise stores there like MCA or BikeBiz? As mentioned by CJVFR, you might be better off ordering from a shop in Brissy.
  6. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  7. Welcome to NR
  8. Welcome to the forum
  9. welcome to Netrider and 2 wheels ElliRooksElliRooks !
  10. Just a tiny welcome, then, my dear!!!!

    At the risk of complicating the already complicated, you may have to get some gear custom-made, or at least have existing gear customised. Probably start by looking at Draggin jeans size chart: they're Australian-made so you might be able to negotiate with them..
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  11. Welcome to the forum, we also have the same problem in Darwin, a lot of our female riders and even a couple of the smaller guys struggle to get correctly sized gear, most of the bigger southern bike shops will do returns and exchanges if something doesn't fit, just need to mention it when you order.
  12. gday ElliRooksElliRooks and welcome to NR and congratulations on getting your licence! a big part of riding is accessorising, there's always something else to spend your money on.
  13. Hello Elli, you are around the same size as my wife, just picked a perfect, worn twice leather jacket, OZ made, $60, she already had one, but this is PInk, White and Black, bit like a Galah, but matches her Helmet. Keep looking they do come up.
  14. Hi and welcome :) I had the same troubles - I'm somewhat 'petite' and usually a size 6-8 but my best advice to you is to make a day out of going to a major store if there are any with a large range... I know the Dainese leather jacket I have fits me perfect and is pretty popular with women of other shapes and sizes so it could be a good fit for you too. Congrats and best wishes with it all. :)
  15. Welcome ElliRooksElliRooks
    Good luck on your search, and enjoy the ride.
  16. Hello :)

    My girlfriend is pretty small and HATES wearing Kevlar jeans because she thinks the cut makes her look huge. This isn't true but obviously it doesn't matter how much I tell her. I'm going to get her some custom stuff, just seems easier haha. Gets expensive tho. Good luck, let us know how your search goes
  17. Aren't you a sweet pea Steve VtecSteve Vtec ; getting your gf customs! (y)

    Welcome ElliRooksElliRooks & congrats on the license! Welcome to a life long learning experience :), there are a few shorter ladies in the site and if you become a premium member and access the ladies only section you'll find lots of consice gear tips & reviews :)

    Being so far up north, it will be a bit hard but you'll ultimately end up with at least two "outfits" for different riding seasons and times. Good luck getting and finding some stuff :)