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New to NR

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by White Boomer, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I have just joined Netrider and would like to introduce myself.
    I'm 48 from Rooty Hill, have 2 kids a Mortgage a dog oh and a missus, and finally after what seems like an eternity I got my bike L's in May.
    I own and drive a crane truck for a living in the electrical infrastructure game. So if anyone needs a lift hit me up (pun intended)
    As a kid I used to hoon around Blacktown on a 1981 Honda CR 80 doing crazy stuff that you'd be jailed for these days.
    So I'm not a total stranger when it comes to riding. Any way in June I purchased a Honda MSX 125 Grom for a bit of fun.
    I got the Grom just to do my L's and P's and when I get my full licence next year I think I will get a CB500F ( yeah I'm a fan of naked bikes and Hondas ).
    I have a pretty sick sense of humour. I also love my country and my Sydney. (even though traffic sucks)
    I look forward to reading some interesting things on this site and maybe meeting some folks to go for a ride with one day.
    Peace and good fortune to all
    White Boomer

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  2. Welcome aboard White BoomerWhite Boomer

    Lots to see around here enjoy :)
  3. Welcome to the forum White Boomer.
  4. Welcome to the forum mate. No escaping now.....

    I also love my naked bikes - although Honda's not that much :p
  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  6. Welcome mate :cool:
  7. Welcome to NR
  8. What have you done to the other five????

    Oh, and welcome!
  9. Welcome to NR mate :). If you really must have a naked Honda then seriously consider the CB400 or the CB650F, far better build quality and reliability over the CB500 series!
  10. Welcome.
  11. Welcome Boomer
  12. Welcome mate. Might see you round the traps. You work for Harley or cavanagh or something or you running your own business with your own crane?
  13. Aloha & feel welcome in the forum White BoomerWhite Boomer ,... If you have the type of humour you say you do, you'll get along just fine in this place :)
  14. I will defo take that into consideration
  15. Own my own business mate... "Great Western Power" as a subcontractor
  16. Ah good stuff. I know it's always different when you're at the business end of the deal, but from here it looks like business is booming for cranes... I hope you're busy enough to pay the bills and keep the family happy :)

    I ride a CB400 to work when the weathers shitty (i try to keep the firestorm out of the rain), and mines getting a bit long in the tooth now (imported 2002 model with 40,000kms if you believe the instrument panel that looks startlingly newer than the rest of the bike.....) but it still goes like stink. Great handling, nice comfortable upright seating position, starts to feel a little bit cramped on longer rides as I'm 6ft and a little shy of 80kgs (I'd be over when geared up...), but I cut my teeth on that bike and it was, and is, a supreme vehicle. Before you commit to your 500 have a go on one. I reckon it's faster, if that's what you're into, and the build quality of the cb400's is unsurpassed. Maybe the triumph lams bike would give it a nudge but I'd rather ride an unrestricted inline four than a choked up triple...

    chilliman64chilliman64 mentioned the spring ride on Sunday 11/09, id encourage you to come along if you've got the day off. Nobody's going to be breaking any land speed records (unless the tuono gets out for a run...), were just out to enjoy the day and the ride, and it's shaping up to be a good one so far
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  17. Couldn't agree more. There's a lot to said for 'honest' bikes - those bikes that aren't try to be more or less than they actually are.
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