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New to NR

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ghandi1, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Gday my name is Geoff, I live in Newcastle. last time I owned a road bike there was no Internet and a post was something vertical on the side of the road.
    I gave up riding on the road as a 19 year old, as I was sure I wasn't going to see 20 if I continued doing so. Anyway I recently bought a new Triumph Bonneville T100 and love being on the road again. As most of you already know riding a bike is the most fun you can legally have using the road.
    I now want to purchase another bike, perhaps a BMW R1200GS, or even the new Triumph tiger 1200 adventure as the minister of war and finance has shown a liking for 2 wheels also. Only problem is she has as many reasons against as I have for, so I may have to wait a little while. Personally I think all of us should all have a bike for all occasions from a Yammy hundred for rally's (did it once with a mate for a laugh) to gold wings for mardi gras (have not done the latter).
    So, since March, I have clocked up just over 3000km and would be more if the rain would go somewhere else (bring back the drought).

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  2. Welcome Geoff, there are a few Netrider Novacastrians about so I am sure others will be along soon.
  3. I love lamp....welcome sir.
  4. Welcome sir! Ride safe!
  5. G'day Geoff, welcome aboard.

    How are you finding the Triumph mate? I'm thinking about getting one of those next year.
  6. Welcome Geoff :)

    The first time I saw a bike racing was Kel Caruthers on the 250 Works Honda at the 1964 Matarra Hill Climb!
  7. Welcome to NR and a good 'post' this one. :D

    I love the T100's. They are awesome bikes.
  8. Another one from Newcastle. The more the merrier. Welcome. Mark.