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New to NR. SYD Hurstville

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gavanchua, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Hello people. Very new to net rider and currently living in Hurstville. Not a bike rider but do enjoy heading out for leisure rides. Just got a bike and very excited to be riding again. Do invite if you're going riding especially during weekend nights(since I work weekend days).

  2. welcome aboard:]
  3. Thanks. Oops just re-read my post. Haha. Not a new rider but I do enjoy heading out for rides. Haha. Totally postings gone wrong. And if anyone wanna ride during the day(Monday to Wednesday) I could be keen too! Hehehehe. [emoji16]
  4. Welcome mate!
    Wat bike do u hv?
  5. Cbr900rr. [emoji4] forgot to mention. [emoji16]
  6. Cool, wat year is it?
  7. 1999. Was with the Saturday night riders last weekend.
  8. Cool whos sat night riders? Where did u guys ride to?
  9. Search them out on facebook. It's a group that organizes rides to places. Did nasho last week. Combination of all kind of riders. Found them to be very organized. Enjoyed myself much.
  10. ok, I went to syd motor sports park yesterday during my lunch break to watch the bikes...it was fricken awesome watching all these gun riders!
  11. Oh nice. Where is that? Should visit there some day. Hehe.
  12. its the only race track in Sydney, Eastern Creek near blacktown..... I just walked around talking to people about their bikes and wat mods they've done.
  13. Ohhh Okie eastern creek. Yeah heard of that. Was supposed to be there for WTAC this year but im working weekends. Spewing. [emoji19]
  14. Theres a few guys on NR who do track days there also...cost about $280, one day when im good enough im gonna do it for sure!
  15. Yeah well that's still far off for me. Too much investments for gear and tires etc. Hehe but definitely will do it one day.
  16. well yep same here....money of course but mostly I gota improve my riding! r u a good rider?
  17. Would say average don't really know how to rate myself tho. [emoji20]
  18. ok... average is higher than me but I just gotta keep going!8-|
  19. Yeah just keep riding. Was just reading the guide to rate yourself. Apparently I would fall under advance based on last trip to nasho.