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New to NR - Penrith NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dafoe, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Hey Ladies and fellas on two wheels.

    So I just joined NR yesterday because I was interested in partaking in a Learner sessions at Homebusy this Sat and OzYoda suggested I say G'day, so here I am.

    I'm from Penrith NSW and only had my l's since June 15, but I had my l's many years ago but they expired. At the time I had a Honda CBR250R Grey Import, but now I represent'n Kawa on a Ninja 300 SE. I've done a Stay upright Intermediate riders course at Eastern Creek and had an awesome day - I strongly recommend that any rider give it a go (always something to learn and its a good excuse to practice on a race track with good surface, no speed restrictions, and not have to worry about oncoming traffic). I have booked in for a few track days at SMSP (Eastern Creek) and level 1 & 2 at the California Superbike School in December also at SMSP *providing I pass my P's test next Monday.

    I'm loving being on the bike again and hope to connect with some other cool ladies and fella riders in the area, so feel free to drop me a line. Stay safe on the roads and remember to burn rubber not your soul... lol :whistle::sneaky:;)
  2. welcome aboard :]
  3. Fanks Jeffco
  4. Welcome
    Did you complete the intermediate course recently? I just did the the advanced one a week ago or so. Definitely learned a lot!
    Im going to the learner session this sat, might catch you there.
  5. Hey Kimi, yeah did my Intermediate course about two weeks ago, was a good day hey.

    Yeah cool, I'll be there. What bike you riding?
  6. Welcome to NetRider Kawaninja!
  7. Yep it was a good day! Rained at the end which made it more jnteresting.
    Im on a yamaha R3
  8. Thanks BOB88R
  9. Awesome, how does the r3 go? When you going for your P's? Should book in for some track days and the California Superbike School after you get them :v
  10. Going to book in for my ps hopefully next week and for early nov,maybe the 7th if i can get in.
    I went out to the track to watch a few weeks ago,im thinking of doing a track day when im on my ps!
    I only just got the R3, ridden it 3 times so far,up graded from a cbr125r (which i plan to do my ps test on since im familiar with it,then sell it) but so far i love the R3,its just a matter of getting comfortable on it.hows the ninja? It was my original choice till the R3 came out!
  11. Hey i just realized you mentioned you've had your Ls since 15th june? You didnt happen to do the course at clyde? Thats when i got mine too! I was talking to a guy on the day that had previously had his Ls! Coincidence?
  12. Nice, sounds like a good plan. I'm booked in for my P's next Monday (hopefully the rain stays away lol).

    Ninja is really good hey, I think it looks awesomr, easy to ride and plenty of powet for a learner. It has a pretty decent looking back tyre and someone even thought it was a 600. Its so good being back on the bike, should have done it alot sooner lol.
  13. Nah I did my L's in the Riff, all fellas on my course. Coincidence big time.:p
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