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New to NR from Randwick

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nipon, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. hi everyone,

    im Cesar (from Chile) and i just bought a Suzuki GSXR1000 K4 (the one of the photo), i used to ride in my country and i have some other bikes there (im a mechanical engineer), and i have to admit that i was kind of anxious to get a bike here. so i hope to met some biker to go for a ride someday and met new places to ride and if you do some trackdays to improve your skills im a +1 too.


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  2. Welcome mate :cool:

    There are some nice rides once you get out of the city :)
  3. thanks mate :D, im pretty sure of that mate but im too new in oz (almost 4 months) and i dont know too many places :oops:
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. Welcome aboard Cesar
  6. thanks mate :D

    thanks Hillsy :D
  7. Welcome Cesar
  8. Hola Cesar

    Welcome to NR..
  9. Welcome to the forum mate

    If your interested in track days keep an eye on the racing, motorsports and track day section on this forum. Quite a few of us go as a Netrider group. Next planned day 2 Oct at Eastern Creek. (We just completed one yesterday)

    Enjoy the ride!
  10. Hey mate welcome aboard :) I'm a Sydney local, happy to show you a few nice roads. I'll message you when I've got a day off
  11. Oh CesarCesar I am thinking of a ride up putty road to grey gums on Thursday the 8th, you reckon you'll be around?
  12. Welcome to NR Cesar and have fun. There are some good people in your area. :)
  13. Thanks everyone for the big welcome :D

    I'll be in touch with you guys thanks
  14. "Hola Ceaser, pendejo. Como estas. Bien venido cabron".
    Couldn't find chilien on google translate, closest was paprikan, typed in welcome aboard mate and this is what it spat out. Andale cojones! :whistle:
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  15. LMAO That was too Mexican bro and you didn't found something because is Chilean lol, but I appreciate the intention :D and thanks for the welcome :D
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  16. [horse racing commentator voice]
    Ready for a start in the 5th at Ranwick
    In the starters hands now
    It looks like Nipon first out of the gates
    Yes, it's Nipon on the gixxer and he's got a handy lead over the first hundred metres
    [/horse racing commentator voice]
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