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New to NR and hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SeanBear, May 24, 2015.

  1. Hi to all,

    I have read the forums for years and have never posted but have decided to change that now so here goes the introduction:

    My name is Sean and I live in Sydney - I am orignally from Brisbane but moved down here recently. Looking to explore the surrounding areas when time and weather permits and see what there is to see. Today I went through parts of Grand Pacific Drive and was absolutely blown away by the scenery. Looking to find some riding groups I can join on the weekends. Here is the lady: [​IMG]
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  2. Welcome Sean.
    I love the way those car drivers cleared out of the shot for you. Classy.

    Where you based now?
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  3. I went up and down the road by 100m and told everyone to wait for me until I capture the right angle / sunlight coming through, took about 10 mins but everyone was really patient and accommodating and not at all annoyed. Shot was on Oxford Street Bondi Junction. Myself and the bike are holed up in Ultimo/Pyrmont area !
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  4. Fk me that's nice.

    Welcome aboard
  5. Welcome again.

    Lovely bike, what's been done to it?
  6. G'day Sean, welcome to NR. What a beautiful bike and great photography.
  7. Cheers good to finally get on board - There's a long list of cosmetic stuff done - internals are pretty much the same but going in for a re-tune soon to D-Moto just to get the A/F right..but the mods: carbon fibre belly, carbon side air scoops, rizoma handle bar, adjustable brake/clutch levers, different tail light, indicators, paint job, frame has been done in black, different clutch cover, and other bits and bobs to put it together (rizoma resevoirs, screws etc) + twin headlights
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  8. Thanks mate - photography and riding are two things I thoroughly enjoy doing so I am glad it turned out nicely - I actually took this one with my phone though!
  9. Nice. I'm booking in to D-Moto for a service shortly, maybe get some suspension work as well but otherwise cash has been tight for mods so I like to live vicariously through other Duc owners.
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  10. That's who I am going to see - bumped into a gentleman in Darlinghurst who had a Tri-Color S4RS and just had a tune from the D-Moto guys and was giving them a lot of props so I thought I would contact them I wil let you know how it goes / will share the dyno results. I see you ride a Hypermotard have always been keen to try one of those.
  11. Yeah the old Hyper's fun, the 821's good too but a bit more sensible than the 1100.

    The D-Moto guys are a good bunch, I've been going there since I got this bike. Shame they're a PITA to get to.
  12. I'm glad to hear that I have a workshop I will only go to in Brisbane but down here I've struggled to find anyone I'd trust with it down here. I hear you about getting there, looks like a mission.
  13. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Keep your eyes on the forum for when rides are posted up. If you have some spare time on a Saturday you can always pop in at the Sydney Learner sessions (held at Olympic Park - see separate thread) to meet some of us and to show of that beautiful Duc.
  14. Thanks for the tip - out to Byron this coming weekend but the weekend after will definitely pop through cheers
  15. Welcome to NR..

    Awesome photo there...post some more When you can.
  16. Thanks - I don't have many shots of my bikes I take aphotos of a lot of other stuff on my rides though - Here is an older one: [​IMG] and a sneaky one from today's ride when I went down Grand Pacific Drive for the first time: [​IMG]
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  17. Hello and welcome SeanBearSeanBear, you've got gorgeous bike and you do take stunning photos. Hope you will share your creative work in "Photos from your ride" thread, looking forward to some nice shots :)
  18. Wow! Love that bike of yours. Welcome to NR.
  19. welcome aboard
  20. Agree with all of the above ^^^ nice bike, nice photos, welcome :D
    I work in Pyrmont and will keep an eye out for a gander at your lady