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New to Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 666simms, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Hello, I just rode up to Newcastle two days ago. I went for a ride past some beaches yesterday. Nice roads, crazy wind! 22 yr old, I'm still a bit (or a lot) of a newbie, only been riding half a year.

    So, are there many Netriders around here?

  2. Hello mate.

    There are plenty of Newcastle riders on here. Welcome aboard.

    What you riding? Where abouts you living? Have you been to Newcastle before?

  3. Hi
    Welcome to the forum. Up to the last couple weeks, the weather has been fine. I went for a ride Saturday, it was windy, but I enjoy myself.
  4. thanks, good to hear.
    I'm riding a CB400. I'm in Waratah and no I haven't been here before, just moved up from Melb on Friday.
  5. Welcome to Netrider, and the growing number of Newcastle riders here....
  6. Yeah, I nearly got blown across the whole width of the lane riding past bar beach, caught me by surprise. :s
    yeah, very enjoyable riding!

    I've only been down to fort scratchy and down scenic drive, but the speed limit and slow flowing traffic was a bit of a drag. Where's the best road to take my bike?
  7. Cheers, good as
  8. I just had a scan over the Google maps looking for squiggly roads (as I'm sure you all do) and Putty road is looking like a good one. Would anyone recommend it?
    Good to hear from local riders so quickly too :)
  9. I went over Mt Sugarloaf today and it was great. You'll have to go out the back for some good open roads like out past the vineyards or over Patterson way.
  10. welcome welcome,

    indeed few people coming to Newy recently. good stuff!
  11. welcom to newy mate :beer::beer:
  12. Hi 666sims,
    It depends what you want to do. Go for a scenic drive or round up a few quick corners.
  13. Welcome 666sims. I'm from Central Coast at East Gosford but don't have a bike back there where the roads are fine. Instead, I've got one out in the South Australian outback where roads are long, straight and flat :-/

    Anyway, Putty Road is a well known road for a bit of fun.

    I haven't ridden them but I expect you'll also find some roads around the Hunter Valley are good. Can anyone confirm whether the road through Sweetmans Creek, Wollombi and Paynes Crossing is suitable for bikes?

    Down around the Central Coast theres a bunch of roads that head out towards Mangrove Mountain including a good one through Yarramalong and another past Glenworth Valley through Peats Ridge. If you've gone that far you can always continue through Spencer and out to Wisemans Ferry :)
  14. Also can anyone comment on roads up towards Barrington Tops. Stroud, Dungog, etc?
  15. I will get around to posting up a Random Newcastle rides thread.

    I know all the fun roads around here ,Thursday im going to Sydney.But one day over the weekend i`ll be free to ride. Im also the mentor guy for the newcastle area.

    I defiantly show you the fun roads and nice spots out Stroud & how to do scotch creek road. Once you got that you can safely ride any old road around here

    And welcome aboard


    im riding up the putty some time on thursday but not coming back till friday
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