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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jezabel, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I would like to introduce myself, My name is Jesse but some call me Jezabel. I am married with one baby girl but I still try to find the time to get out on the bike. Mostly to work Thurs and Fri or on the w'ends.

    I have a '03 Kwaka ZX6R 636 pretty much stock 'cept for Staintune slip on zorst.


  2. Welcome Jeza,
    where are you residing?? For purely locational purposes :wink:
  3. Welcome to the Mad House. :)
  4. WELCOME Jesse.
    Another lady rider ....woo hoo & are numbers just continue to grow :dance:

    Get along to a coffee meet & enjoy some great company.
  5. Welcome Jesse :)

    In the circles in which I move calling your daughter Jezabel would be considered a 'courageous' decision :LOL:.
  6. Put those stones down Paul.... :LOL:
  7. Hi Jesse, welcome to the forum. Don't forget to pop your bike in the Garage :)
  8. :LOL:

    Thanks for the welcome... Unfortunately I am not another lady rider, Kim. I'm a guy with a confusing nick name.

    Haha The nick name Jezabel had a story to it started off with a mate at a rave, high as a kite, started to call me Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzz and it evolved from there.

    Sorry guys but you can calm down now :)

    Well I am in Sydney close to the airport. The last couple of rides I have been with my Brother in law trying to teach him to not crash his CBR250RR, Just got his L's.

    I'll post a pic of my bike once I work out how. Well thanks again for you welcome.
  9. yay another eastern suburbs (almost) sydney Rider!!!

    Welcome to this craziness!

    check out your other Eastern suburbs friends here!
    netrider.wordpress. com

    we are all people from netrider who just happen to live close to each other hehehe
  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin:

    Make sure you whack your location in your profile.. :cool:
  11. Welcome to NR Jez
  12. Thanks again,

    I did check out your link DUK35 and it looks good. When my Brother in law is confident on his CBR250 (also once we get it working properly, having problems and wont start right now) we might join one of your coffee meets :)


  13. Cooool - Mascot!
    we got Krispy kreme's down there and Galo's Pies!!!

    no worries mate - when you are ready just drop us a msg - we can always come to Mascot :)
  14. Ohhh WHOOPS - Sorry. :oops:
    Glad you found us anyway, so get along to any of the coffee meets.

    When you get your borther in laws CBR going maybe he & you can join us on a learner run.