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new to netrider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by redrocket, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. welcome Sean305
    one thing you'll find here...
    if you ride a harley, you'll cop some shit
    if you ride a scooter, you'll cop some shit
    if you ride an across, you'll cop some shit
    if you ride a cruiser, you'll cop some shit
    if you ride fast, you'll cop some shit
    if you ride slow, you'll cop some shit
    if it's red, it should be silver, if it's silver it should be red
    and so on...
    all in all, it's a whole lot of fun!! :grin: :grin:

  2. MADE ME LAUGH :p :p :p
  3. Welcome Sean305

    moral of the story is don't ride a red and grey cruiser to fast or slow if it is a harley, scooter called an across...unless it is a Tuesday anyhow.

    hope you enjoy the site
  4. Hi Sean.

    Enjoy the site, bullshit and all mate. :grin:

  5. howdy & welcome to netrider
  6. Welcome Sean, it only flames on days with Y in them...
  7. Woo Hoo!! Another FNQ Netrider!! :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums Sean305. In which part of Cairns are ya?
  8. Welcome :grin: and beware of the hornet with flaming days with y in it :shock: what ever that is supposed to mean maybe its chilli night at his place :p or the pharmacie is out of that wonder cream :shock:
  9. Welcome Sean, there is some great bulls@it here too!
  10. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Can't say I'm surprised you left ... any website that has

    "This site is best
    viewed by IE6
    The menu might not
    show if using Netscape
    or derivative"

    In thier front page really can't expect to be taken seriously!
  11. Hi Sean and welcome to the forums !! :)
  12. Sean305 turning your back on your mates at another site = bad form.
  13. DuHAST, if they put you through shit they're not mates. Q.E.D.

    Now go play in the traffic.
  14. Yer i left my post for a smoko, sorry about that. Now im going to be off for a couple of days with this good riding weather, maybe you can mind the store for me Bikie, otherwise who knows who will rock up in here.
  15. I could honestly say a few less DuHasts :wink:
  16. Welcome Sean..

    & if U cop grief, tell em where to go.. all in fun tho :LOL:
  17. Baggage: I've got heaps Ventura, Bagster, Mandarina Duck (specifcally designed for my bike) and Antler rolling suitcases for my track gear.

    Unfortunately, the Mandarina Duck bags do not allow me to carry the Bella Ragazza, so after Gltich's Touring 101 session(that's being run again tonight isn't it?), would give Givi or Ducati Hard cases serious thought.

    Welcome to the forum Sean. :grin:
  18. welcome~!
  19. Welcome to the madhouse.
    Enjoy. :)
  20. gday Sean, welcome to netrider from a fellow north queenslander. What Trumpys have you owned ?