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New to netrider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Purple_Pig, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all
    I am new to netrider and would like to meet people in my area and go on some day trips, I am from the Hastings area in Vic. I meet a Girl in Frankston Last Wednesday and she told me about netriders and invited me on a ride friday night so i checked out the site and found some good info so here i am. Sorry to be rude but i forgot your name and i might not be able to make the ride this Friday but i will waite for your sms.[/b]

  2. Welcome aboard,
    Was the friday night thing the coffee night then if it was it is on each friday.
    Hope to see you there at some stage
  3. Why not try to come on the Blue Ribbon ride this sunday if your available and meet a few others.
  4. welcome pig. Be careful here.... some SCARY people around :p :shock:
  5. Welcome aboard, I'm in Cranny pm me if ya want to go for a ride.
  6. Welcome to the forums Pig.

    A few from your way on here. What do you ride?
  7. the company i work for, used to supply another company called PURPLE PIG with industrial hose , are you into hosiery by any chance :p

    welcome aboard Mr PIG

    cheers ratty
  8. Welcome :D

    What do you ride, Purple? Have you been riding for long?
    Hope you find yourself at home here :)

  9. Pig, Ratty....
    This isn't a riders forum... It's a ZOO! :?

    Welcome purple pig, I'm sure you'll fit in.

  10. yes we'll put him in the petting zoo for the billy lids.

    welcome dude :D
  11. Welcome to the forum mate. :D :D
  12. Thanks for the welcome and I am not in to hosiery ratbag. I have a Purple CBR and when I signed up I left the computer for 5 minutes and my house mate gave me the username so now i am stuck with it.
    my name is Rob

    I am going on Wendsday so I hope to see some of you there.
  13. hey dude, i work in hastings maybe we can go for a burn after work sometime...
  14. huh?
    the company i used to work for, supplied another company called PURPLE PIG with industrial hose
    ..that Purple Pig was at Bayswater

    this Purple Pig is from Hastings, so no chance of confusion

    and welcome Mr Pig.....