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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lokir, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Just saying hi after joining today. Figured, considering how often I read reviews and information from Netrider, I should probably join.
    Cruiser rider from Canberra.
    Back on bikes after 15 to 20 years and riding more now than I ever did, and loving it more.

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  2. Welcome to the funny farm!
  3. Welcome to NR...

  4. Welcome and enjoy mate :cool:
  5. welcome to Netrider LokirLokir !
  6. Welcome to Netrider and congratulations on Delurking.
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  7. Welcome to the nuthouse.

    Beware, getting in is the easy part and never, NEVER offer anyone cake.

    Enjoy the ride
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  8. Welcome
  9. Now look 'ere Lokir, hello and welcome :)
  10. gday LokirLokir and welcome to NR - nice choice with the VT, I had a VTX13 (had that numberplate too) for just over ten years, fitted some bags and V&H Bigshots, loved that bike. hope the weather warms up for you shortly!
  11. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  12. Can I take the cake?!
  13. Hey Chilliman64
    Yeah I got Kentucky Drive saddlebags, V&H longshots and Sissybar. Gonna get some bling soon to change it up a little for me.
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  14. Thanks Everyone.
  15. A big welcome from me too, as an old Canberra rider from the 80's.... (That's the decade, not my age, you cheeky whipper-snappers!!)
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  16. very cool mate, you can type @ before the username so it looks like this LokirLokir and will notify that member they have been mentioned in a post - have fun on your cruiser, looking forward to the pics!
  17. what's that sonny? you'll have to type louder so I can hear what you're writing on the puter.
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  18. Welcome to the dark side :)
  19. So chilliman64chilliman64 I do it like this? :p:wacky:
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  20. Hey hornethornet
    I learnt to ride in the 80's. Does that count?
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