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New to netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dwyatt, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Hi guys I'm Dave, long time researcher and reader of netrider, brand new member :)
    Currently in Melbourne but I'm about to move to Hurstville grove in New South Wales, was hoping to meet some guys on here to ride with up there etc as I literally have or know no one up in NSW..... Except for my wife that I'm moving up with.
    I ride a 2014 Kawasaki ninja 300

  2. welcome aboard :) sorry to hear about your move to Sydney :eek:

    Hopefully its not permanent

    Flame suit on:p
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  3. Thanks Jeff! I'm situated in Frankston south for maybe another week.... Next chapter in life though!
    Ps I did actually lol at flame suit on haha
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  4. Welcome to the nut house DwyattDwyatt .... You'll find a-plenty of nutters to ride with round those traps :)
    Good nuts that is!!
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  5. Welcome to NR...
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  6. DwyattDwyatt welcome to the asylum!

    JeffcoJeffco Melbourne's weather speaks for itself ... it just changes it's mind every ten minutes :p
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  7. 10 minutes that's a good day :p:p
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  8. AS I said, living in Melbourne is it's own reward ... or punishment.
  9. A little bit like marriage. There's no escape so might as well enjoy it...

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  10. Welcome mate :cool:
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  11. Howdy and welcome to NR DwyattDwyatt. Both Sydney and Melbourne have there pro's and con's I suppose so good luck with your new adventure. :happy:
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  12. Surely even the biggest Melbourne fan couldn't deny that just about anywhere in Sydney is preferable to Frankston :LOL:

    Irrespective, welcome to Netrider, and the chance to ride with the Sydney gang.....
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  13. Greetings Netriders I am an old midlife crisis 50 year old fart trying to keep young.
    Just join you guys seeking alike for rides+good times, fun,knowledge sharing etc.
    revamping an old CBR900RR Sydney west.
  14. Welcome to the asylum mate, as to the Melbourne Sydney argument, who cares? :rolleyes:
  15. Cheers mate
    I like your motto
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  16. Yep well I hit 60 next birthday, severe arthritis in both knees and lumbar spine, type II diabetic and I refuse to allow any of it to stop me riding, I've been riding bikes of what sort or another since I was 9 y.o. you could say I'm slightly addicted :)
  17. love of riding is addictive is,well pending on experience.
    owned xs250 cb250, rm125, rd 400 ,rz250,rz350,dt250,kr250.rg250.rg500 cbx750,gpx750,dt175,ytm225,ytz250
    Now cbr900.
    Getting sore from long rides due to old injuries on sports bike,the arms neck back n legs.
    Next bike maybe an Canam or cruiser.
  18. I know a couple of guys with Can-Am trikes. Make sure to spend some time on one before committing to the not minor cost, and if you want to ride distances with luggage, a trailer etc, get a model that has those accessories available rather than a sport model that doesn't and trying to fit them later.
  19. They are great fun the 3 wheelers.
    In the good o days I had a three wheeler 2 stroke yamaha 250cc I use to take up to Stockton Beach.
    Yep good o days fall off into the sand first
    Turning and leaning of the trike a new experience,but once use to it ultimate experience.
    Even leg amputees can get onto the can am with mods these days without losing the ability to enjoy a ride.
    Hmmm makes you wonder what is next hoverbikes?