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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Josiejames, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Hi there Netride community..:)
    My man and I are planning our first ever ride together (although on separate bikes) in just 2 weeks. Very excited. No doubt it is the beginning of our motorbike touring "lifestyle". We are both very passionate about riding.
    I am researching the best luggage and rack for a VTR 250. Not an ideal bike for touring but it is a reliable beginning I guess..
    Does anyone have any opinions or advice on this matter

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  2. Revzilla have fantastic product reviews and recommendations for everything motorcycle related.

    Also, Hi and Welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome to NR...

    Interesting avatar pic... ;)
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  4. Welcome I hope that's you in your Avatar.

    Riding together is fantastic I wish you all the best on your first ride together.
  5. Hi JosiejamesJosiejames, welcome to NR. Nice to see another shooter on here (y) Love your avatar too, new take on Mr and Mrs Smith :whistle: All the best with your touring adventure!
  6. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  7. G'day and welcome. Andy Strapz in Frankston has some gear you can check out. See here
    Welcome to Andy Strapz
  8. Thank you Petesul. Will do. :)
  9. Thanks Jonny! and yes that's me in our Avatar..haha...Well, at least a personification of, at least..:).
    Riding together is definitely our ideal space..

    Have fun and thanks for your comment. J
  10. Yes, I agree.. it is interesting...I love it!
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  11. Thanks Jas. Much appreciated J
  12. Welcome to NR.

    Can't help you with the gear, but can say the VTR 250 is plenty up to cruising at an enjoyable pace. Nice bike.

    Have fun on your trip. Just get hubby to take all the gear...
  13. Thanks Ozboater.
    I'll try that one (hubby taking all the gear).. not sure how that'll go down.. lol. Had a great shortish ride today. I wish I could ride more often.. brings such a smile to my being.. love it!