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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Andy L, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Hi there,
    I'm new to all this forum / blogging stuff , so here goes...
    I'm getting back into riding after 20+ years (mid life crises so my wife says =D). I recently bought a CB900F Hornet 06, pretty stoked with it, one owner & very low kms. I've done a couple of refresher courses with Qride (a Queensland rider training group) which has been awesome for getting my confidence back and getting back into the defensive riding zone and I actually have a better understanding of what the bike is doing & why. After being boxed up for so many years I've quickly realised how much you take for granted on whats going on around you. I can't recommend enough doing as many riding courses, defensive & track days, as you can.
    On a final note....
    I'd like some opinions on what jacket would be best suited for the Qld summer. I know leather is the best protection, but could be very hot. I've been looking at Roland Sands, Dianese R twin pelle or a Berik mesh leather combo. I am currently wearing a Dririder. The Roland Sands is the most comfortable & looks the coolest 8-|, but could be kinda warm. Any thoughts or other suggestions would be appreciated...
    OK, that's it for me for now, back into the working world :sour:

  2. Hi Andy LAndy L and welcome back to riding! I'm not from Qld so I can't offer any advice on best jackets unfortunately. But welcome to NR. :)
  3. Welcome!

    If it's city riding/speed IMO textile and mesh will keep you cool and safe. Rev'it! jacket's are good value and have decent armour.
  4. Welcome. I'd have to agree with Endo C about textiles. I remember riding from Adelaide to Melbourne one day 20 years ago in 40+ temperatures wearing leather. Got to Horsham and rode straight into the park under the sprinklers. Got a few looks from the locals but I didn't care, I had a 15 minute lie down. Stopped at every servo on the way out of town and bought 2 bottles of water - drank one and wore the other. I wasn't as desperate however as the bloke I saw a few k's out towards Melbourne going towards Adelaide - he had his leathers rolled up on the tank, only wearing helmet, gloves, boots and thankfully jocks.
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  5. Cheers Endo C, I've seen a Berik ,mesh & leather combo, I might have another look at that.
  6. Thanks Paul, I think I might have to go with textiles. Went for a ride yesterday and worked up quite a sweat...
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  7. Cheers Goldenberi, having a blast. I'd forgotten how much fun it is =D
  8. welcome to NR I had a 900 hornet as my come back bike after a stack that kept me off for 6 months, hornets great bike. i have a messed leather jacket and does the trick but if commuting still might be too warm. liner removed and constantly doing 50-60kms should be no problems tho
  9. Hi Goddie
    Yes, as long as you don't have to stop :) especially in the Qld summer
    I've looked at a Berik Air Mesh which I think will do the trick. I found an ad by a member called "ajirbarren" who had one for sale, but it was back in March. I've been trying to work out how to contact him about it??
  10. An ad that old one would think item no longer for sale. gumtree,ebay?
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Yeah, I'm looking at both of those. If it comes down to it I'll just have to buy it new. I've managed to pick up some bargain gear so far, Shoei Helmet, Draggin jeans, Dririder jacket, Gloves. Kept the wife happy, Happy wife Happy life. Gives me more room to spend on some mods for the bike =D
  13. Andy LAndy L I tagged ajirbarren so he should get back to you - he was on the site at lunchtime today so still active.