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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ScottyJ, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow motorcycle family.
    I have been passionate about bikes since I can remember, I even remember as a kid, I was fascinated with dirt bike tires range and what they were good for. Yep, I am special!
    Well into my thirty's now (still twenty in my head) I have had a wide selection of motorcycles from a pit bike, FZ6N '08, R1'07, '06 vulcan (which I modified and one best bike/burnout trophies) FZR250, '80 xs1100, and until recent illegal change of ownership, a '02 ktm 520exc.
    I have worked for a motorcycle shop for a few years, started there by just hanging out, drooling over the bikes, helping them move them in and pack up, grabbing lunch/ beer for the boys (coffees for the girls).
    Throughout my time I have been blessed with meeting great people that share my passion for two wheels, in that I have been able to throw my leg over some great bikes. I have also ridden some great roads, trails and tracks. With any great rides, it is nothing without your mates and those you befriend out on the road.
    I have also been involved with social motorcycle clubs.
    Presently, I am restoring my fathers bike. His Suzuki Boulivard M50 has been sitting still for three or more years with 600km on the clock from new. So this may be up for sale if anyone is interested.
    Seeing as I am new to Sydney (lived here before so I am reasonably familiar with the area) I would love to make some buddies, and with some luck, I hope to get another bike and get out exploring again.
    Being a well experienced photographer, an artist and adventurer I love to get out and see it all no matter if it is junuior mx, bears racing, AORC, enduro, gp or motard racing.
    So if anyone has a spare bike and need a good riding buddy, hit me up! Or just wait till I get another set of wheels and say g'day

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  2. Welcome Scottyj, A good range of machines you have had. Sad you are currently without bike, winter is the time to buy though :) Keep an eye on the NSW ride and event announcement threads you may catch up with some locals.
  3. Welcome mate, looking forward to some 'classy' shots being posted up :snaphappy:
  4. Welcome to NR.
  5. G'day and welcome to Netrider, ScottyScotty.