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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Crustyvarmint, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Hello, I've just joined Netrider and enjoying reading through the forums.
    Hope to meet up with some other riders as time goes by.

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  2. Howdy and welcome to NR. :)
  3. Hey CrustyvarmintCrustyvarmint welcome to the family great place with great people. Good to have you with us.
  4. Welcome Crusty,
    So tell us about yourself and your ride/s.
    You're just up the hill from some of us. Maybe we've already seen you out riding ?
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome CrustyvarmintCrustyvarmint nice avatar...speedway solos huh? Any reason...:)
  7. Welcome to NR
  8. Speedway was a part of my life many years ago. I still follow the Australian championship meetings in January each year.
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  9. I was a huge fan of Ole Olsen and Ivan Mauger and the Crump family back in the day... And spent many many summers out at the Sydney Showgound Speedway and up at Newcastle as well...well and truly last century :(
  10. Thanks very much for the many welcome messages.
    I used to be quite involved with motorcycling, but I no longer ride as much as I used to. After marriage entered the equation, I gave up racing and went sailing with the family. Since returning to bikes, I tend to do the longer rides, attending rallies and seeing the outback.
    I ride an 1100gs, sometimes with a sidecar attached so the dog can join me.
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  11. Welcome to the forums. I used to slide around in the 80's in Adelaide. I like the idea of the dog in the sidecar.