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New to Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Anth, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hi folks,
    Newbie to Netrider. Just got my P's before Chrissy and loving riding my Honda CB400. Get to ride about 3 or 4 times a week and I am learning new things on most rides. I haven't completed many modifications on the bike except for a new muffler and probably not planning on many. I would like to change the mirrors later to something more attractive but something that still works well for visibility. Not sure if that is possible.
    What a great site! Everyone is so helpful and nice and I look forward learning more from the riding community on all things riding and bikes.

    Chat soon
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  2. Hi Anth

    Welcome to the forum! Where in Sydney are you from?
  3. Thank you. Inner west area
  4. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
  5. Thanks Eric!
  6. Welcome, and nice bike.
  7. Welcome to the forums, and the world of CB400's :)

    What color CB do you have? Pics if you have 'em!
  8. My renowned psychic powers tell me he has a white and red cb400 with gold rims.
  9. LOL .. :sneaky: I didn't even bother to look at the avatar pic..

    Ahh .. yup .. back to work ..
  10. Don't worry JayteeJaytee - it's a gift! Hahaha :)
  11. GeorgeOGeorgeO yeah i have 3 screens at work and I didn't look up just hit reply ;).

    Anyhoo .... AnthAnth here's a pic of my CB400 ..


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  12. Wish I had 3 screens when playing CoD!
  13. Haha too funny. Yep it's the white and red one. 2011 model.
    Nice blue CB400 Jaytee. What year is that one? Looks immaculate!
    How's the KTM go George?
  14. welcome aboard Anth :]
  15. Thank you!
  16. AnthAnth Thanks, its a 2008 model. It has some wear n tear on it. some small parts have scratches on them however ill be replacing them over the next few months. I wanted to get off the L's and have some experience first before throwing any money into it. I figured if i was going to drop it, it would within the first few months.. *touch wood* that didn't happen.
  17. Sounds like a sensible idea. Most bikes of more than a year or so would start to collect scratches etc. They are a great bike and I am really enjoying mine. Fingers crossed for no drops..
  18. #18 Jaytee, Jan 12, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2015
    Yeah theres 3 "major" parts that i am going to replace.

    1. Instrument Cluster LH side has a crack (gaffer tape ftw)
    2. LH Bar end has a slight scrape
    3. LH Starter motor cover has a scrape.

    I've priced replacement parts and its just under $500 to being it to new so not too shabby.


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  19. Absolutely furken brilliant!
  20. That's not too bad. Can you share where you got the quote from?
    I have a slice/cut on my seat. It's small and it hasn't opened up yet but would like to fix that. Also, as mentioned, I'd like to upgrade the mirrors if I find the right ones.