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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by insert_key, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Hi everyone!

    Just a quick g'day to introduce myself. My name's Andy and I'm a late bloomer. I got my first motorbike at the age of 4 or so as I grew up on a farm and had a mix of non-spectacular dirtbikes up until I was 18. I'm now 35 and only in the past few years have had enough time and money together at the same time to get my road bike license... despite having all of my school books plastered with RZ500s, YZF750s, GPZ900s and FZR1000s etc! My LAMS bike was a Honda VTR250 to which I added drag bars, bar end mirrors and a Roo Racing pipe. For the riding that I do, I love my v-twins and originally lusted after a TL1000R before almost buying a Ducati S4 (had my deposit returned in favour of a local seller!), through to Brutale 910 bikes before recently picking up a 2010 Buell 1125 CR.

    One of my friends calls it John Merrick, after the Elephant Man. I know that it's not everyone's style but I don't care and take those comments with good humour. My bike has been excellently cared for by the previous owner and has had all of the factory recall/upgrade work performed - unfortunately I had to rip off the Leo Vince pipe as it interfered with the foot pegs and throwing my girlfriend on the back was mandatory! :) I'm now shopping for a second hand underslung silencer like one of the Keda RT series. I think that the CR a tough and unique looking bike from 70% of the angles, that looks like poo from 5% of the angles. I can live with that, I've never seen another one on the roads and get loads of interest. Compliments, even :p It's 'Villain Black' and has aftermarket mirrors with relocated LED indicators instead of the factory gigantaur units, which help the aesthetics a lot. I'm aiming to fit the Speed of Colour fairings sometime in the next year, but may pop for a bellypan/bugspoiler for ease of fitment first. I think that the bike has a lot of potential but isn't *quite* there as it left the factory.

    Anyway, I'll lurk for the most part - but am here to pick up useful tidbits on riding, SA roads and see what's cracking out there in the world of two wheels. Peace!

  2. Welcome! :D Most here don't care what you ride so long as you DO ride. ;)