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New to netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by loxxr6, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. ...kind of. Short time lurker, now profile set up.

    Completed NSW L's Practical test. Now looking for a bike.

  2. Welcome Loxxr6, What sort of bike are you looking for?
  3. Welcome mate :)
  4. ... kind of short


  5. Thanks,

    I have a shortlist of CBR250R/Ninja 300/CB400/VTR250R.

    Still undecided on wanting to drop money on a new bike or not. Prob not picking anything up for a month or so so have time to think it over.
  6. All good choices. LAMS bikes tend to hold their value so a new one will not depreciate as quickly. There seem to be two schools of thought, a new bike everything works and is tight and is good to learn on but more expensive to insure and repair if dropped. Old bike doesn't perform as well but is cheap and cheerful if you drop it.

    Good Luck with your choice.
  7. welcome mate (nice pic of chucky)
  8. Hey dude

    Go the 400! (That's just my opinion)

    Welcome to NR and to riding. You're in the right place!

  9. feck ur ugly ,
    welcome only
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  10. Purchasing should depend not only on how much money you can spend on your first bike, but if you can afford to upgrade later, if you cant upgrade later and you will be on that first bike for a long time i reckon you should make an effort to get a new one now.

    I went the cheap first (gsx250f 93', very clapped out) bike to get a foot in the door and get my misses keen on the bike idea, but knowing i wanted to and could upgrade as soon as legally possible. Then as soon as i could i dumped it for a new zx10r and was very happy :p

    p.s. prob my first post here, but have been reading forums for ages :D
  11. I can tell you quite a lot about CBR250R. Talk to me at Sat practice if you are in Melb.

    But a few things about it:
    - cheap to run and maintain
    - easy and cheap to fix (under $500 for a pretty big crash) due to low cosy of OEM parts from tyga performance.
    - great commuter, light, agile
    - good handling at speeds less than 100-120k. CB400 I reckon is better.
    - no suspension adjustability (rear preload only). Forks are spoungy, too soft for me
    - vibration is noticeable after 7000 RPMs

    Would I buy it second time? Probably yes, but I woul consider ninja 300.

    I bought it new for 6k ride away.
    Could have gotten it a bit cheaper, used one. But I wanted it to grow with me and happy for the decision.

    Bike is a little too personal for me to get a used one. But if I could get a bargain for a used one, I'd surely go for it.

    I dropped and crashed it badly, but never broke it :)