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new to netrider

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by davey_charlie, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. hi im new to net rider, just pick up my first road bike a few weeks ago a 91 fzr250rr with Marlboro fairings & a yoshi exhaust. Not sure if its been tuned properly because there is a bit of a flat spot around 6 - 10 k rpm, possibly due to the exup or something? dont really know anything about exup.
    im looking forward to coming on a few rides in melbourne :grin:

    edit: haha my first post i posted in the wrong section sorry. can admin move it?

  2. I'm sure it will get looked after for you. Welcome to Netrider :).
  3. Welcome aboard mate, hope you get what you want out of the forum.

    So whats the bike look like, you must post some pics for us all to see
  4. Welcome, and good luck with the bike. A flat spot between 6 and 10 k sounds like a large part of the usable rev range has gone on holiday. New plugs, check fuel filter and that you're getting good flow and go on from there. More info would help.
  5. thanks for the warm welcomes!
    i'l get some pics up asap,
    yeah i will give that a go, change all my fluids and flters while im at it aswell. if that doesnt fix it i'l send i to the workshop to get jetted/tuned properley.

    any one know good workshop bike tuners in melbourne? prefrebly around city-carlton area