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New to Netrider Store: Rego Label Holders

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jan 2, 2008.

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    These are terrific rego label holders, and much better than the unsightly square plastic things most of us have/use.

    Only $19 (+$5.20 p&h).

    I use one on my bike, and the back end of the bike sure looks much cleaner and nicer now, than with the standard big square plastic label holder
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  2. A friend was pulled over & cautioned on friday that these were illegal in NSW yet last wednesday I test rode a new bike at a dealer thats had one on it.
  3. Everything is illegal when you get pulled over.

    I was told 'going past a police car' is illegal when I was pulled over :roll: As in if a police car is doing 20 in a 60 zone, you're not allowed to go past it (multi lane road obviously).
  4. The person/officer that said that is incorrect.
    As long as you can read the label, they are completely legal.
    These will turn, so you can read the full label if need be.
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    For those that have purchased these, what are your thoughts on these rego holders?

    20% of RRP because its only 20% the quality of a good