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New to Netrider, old to motorcycling

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Maxo, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Yeah, g'day Netrider land!

    I've been around motorbikes since I was a teenager. Made my own mini-bike in the early 1970's. There have been lots of bikes since then, and a longish hiatus from riding when married to a woman who refused to support this activity ("It's too dangerous!"). Silly me stopped riding to try and keep the marital peace, but the marriage went south anyway!

    These days, I'm campaigning a 1990 Suzuki VX800. I ride it to and from work Parkdale to Footscray and back - anyone commuting along the Nepean might come across me at some point. I bought the VX when my previous bike, a 2003 SV650S which I had loved, was stolen. The SV was uninsured, and I couldn't afford another exy bike, and the VX was within my price range. However, I've kinda taken to the old girl - it's a shafty with a cruiser engine in a road bike frame, and there are very few others around, so the uniqueness factor appeals. Its biggest draw back is that it's a bit 'buzzy and vibey' at highway speeds. OK for short distances, but gets a bit nerve-jangling after an hour or so.

    I've enjoyed the cameraderie of getting to know some of the members on the old SVDownunder Forum (now disbanded), and currently the Suzuki VX800 Forum. VX's are a rare breed, so it's good to meet up with fellow riders. However, last weekend I went sailing with a mate from St Kilda Marina, and saw the rider tuition sessions under way in the car park. I chatted to one of the blokes, and that piqued my interest in Netrider. So here I am!

    Max in Parkdale.
  2. Welcome Max, I had to look up Parkdale, born and bread a Melbournian but that suburb was a new one on me. The Elwood guys are good value, I try and get down there when I can to have a chinwag with other bikers and the Epic Uncle Greg ride generally starts from there for a Sat arvo group ride. Catch you around.
  3. Lap rug - excellent idea and so obvious, once you mentioned it... Another option this winter.

  4. Welcome. A bloke up the end of the last street I lived in had a VX: I had to go and say hi and introduce myself so I could ask what the heck it was......
  5. G'day mate, welcome and enjoy!
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. welcome aboard Maxo :]
  8. Welcome Maxo, like your picture...not enough people admire the classics...