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New to Netrider - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rach, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Afternoon everyone
    This is my first time on an internet forum and am about as novice on my bike. I have a Honda VT250 Spada who I am deeply in love with. He and I have almost become inseparable in the 12 months that we've known each other.
    So what happens now that I've joined and did I correctly hear about a Thursday night ride somewhere in Melbourne? Damn this is easier than I thought - I found the ride after two clicks :grin:
    Well Hi again to all and look forward to bike stuff in the future

  2. Heya Rach. Welcome aboard. :)
  3. hewwo Rach and welcome
  4. Welcome indeed, and if you can't find a Netrider coffee night/ride/get-together somewhere in Melbourne, you're certainly not trying hard enough :) Rock up and introduce yourself; only Scumbag bites :LOL:.
  5. Another noob with no location... don't be scared... Let us know what area you're from.

    Drop into a coffee thread to say hello then rock up and say hello.

    Welcome to NR. :)
  6. Welcome to NR Rach
  7. welcome :grin:
  8. Thanks for the Welcomes!

    Damn I thought I would get away with the very general Melbourne location but alas no! I live in Bentleigh and work in Yarraville so you may see me around!
    Thanks again for the welcome!
  9. Welcome Rach.
    Heaps o fun here :grin:
  10. Re: Thanks for the Welcomes!

    Welcome to NR Rach :biker:

    Maybe a Monday after work you might want to drop in & meet some friendly NR's here https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=31401&start=0
  11. hi and welcome :p
  12. hi and welcome to NR
  13. Hey Rach, welcome to NR!
  14. Big welcomes to you, Rach! Coffee nights are certainly worth a looky. 'Bout time I got along to another...
  15. Hey and welcome.
  16. Hi Rach and welcome to NR the friendly forum! :)
  17. Hi Rach welcome aboard. Went to first my coffee night at Southbank last Friday night great people and very freindly
    thanks Bryan
  18. Hi Bubba

    Hi Brian
    Thanks for the welcome! I might see you next Friday at coffee!