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New to Netrider & Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rob from Banks, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. hey guys, just thought id drop by and say hi, im new to Melbourne city and looking forward to having some good rides... any suggestions?

  2. You been to Luna Park?

    On a more serious note, welcome Rob.
  3. ha ha, not yet, even though the thought of using the bike instead of a roller coaster carriage could be interesting. and thanks dude
  4. Welcome Rob.
  5. Welcome. There is, I think, about three or four mid-week Netrider coffee meets spread across the city, pick one near you and introduce yourself. Plus there is the Friday night get-together at Southbank.
  6. Thanks Hornet, that sounds pretty cool. what time does the friday southbank meet start? i may head to williamstown tonight and see whats happening there... seems pretty quiet on the thread though
  7. cheers mate, ill have a scan through
  8. Welcome to Melbourne and to NR....
  9. Welcome. There is a Saturday morning practice and get together in Elwood. Close for you to pop in and check it out.
  10. welcome aboard :] this is the place to be, the forum's not to bad either :wacky:
  11. Welcome :) Yes, Monday night coffee has quietened down somewhat, but there's still a few of us here most Mondays. Look for me - dark red hair and glasses. I'm not always in riding gear tho. If you go to the thread you can usually tell if no one is gong.

    Saturday Learner Practice - not just for learners, and a chance for a good chinwag with the regulars (many of whom started coming as learners and keep coming). Check the thread approx 8am Saturday when weather doubtful to see if it's been called off.

    Sunday Learner Ride, usually good value, again not just for learners, but has a few rules so that learners can be catered for.

    Also a couple of Tuesday night rides, sometimes a trip away etc.

    All good fun :)
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  12. Southbank coffee meets on Friday nights are now pretty much dead and buried unfortunately, used to be a great place to catch up :(