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New To Netrider - Looking For People To Ride With

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tob3z, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Hi, I purchased my 2008 Yamaha R6 a couple of months ago and have been really enjoying my weekend rides with my best mate, also on a R6... Until he lost his licence :(

    Now looking for new people to ride with who share a similar interest.

    I'm located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Let me know if you're keen for a ride one weekend or one day after work.

    Also - I will be attending the Motorcycle Expo this Friday if anyone is keen to meet up there.

  2. Welcome! Try get yourself along to a Tuesday night ride (See events) dont be turned off by it being a L's night, there are very few learners, its just a good social ride that you wont loose ur licence on.. I'm leaving for a ride to Broadford in an hour or so if ur interested also..
  3. Welcome friend!

    I am sure you'll find many hot members that are willing to ride with you!
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  4. Thanks for the offer SammyA but I've got a BBQ to go to so won't have time today.
    Cheers for the offer though. Keep me in mind for next time.
    Will definitely try to come along to a few Tuesday rides.
  5. Welcome to NR! Great looking bikes, awesome performance if you can wring its neck too :)