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New to netrider. Looking for fellow newbie riders! :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KT91, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone! As you may have figured out, I'm new here :)
    Im looking forward to chatting with you guys about our mutual fondness for the art that is motorcycle riding and hopefully get to ride with some of you soon!

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  2. Howdy and welcome to NR KT91KT91 . Pssst......I'm not a guy, but don't tell the others. ;)
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  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. yeah sure we all know girls dont ride motorbikes lmao
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  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys and girls. Much appreciated!

    Your secret is safe with me (y)
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  6. I'm only a guy on weekdays ... but that's between me and my clients.

    Welcome aboard, KT91KT91
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  7. Hahaha! How much does that pay? Not enough, i imagine :LOL:

    Haha thanks!
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  8. Welcome KT91, Make a trip down to the Saturday Homebush practice sessions when you are confident to make the trip. Lots of other riders and some experienced people as well to get some tips from.

    Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly)

    PS: Convention on the site is in long event threads the first Post is the one with the Where, When What type info.
  9. Cool, thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be checking it out once i get a bit more confidence (y)
  10. Welcome to NR and the world of Half-Caff Soy Lattes with light foam!

    *looks at every Ducati rider! :sneaky:
  11. JayteeJaytee I promise when I get my Ducati I will stay true to full cream Cap with 5 sugars!
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  12. You rebel you! ;)
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  13. When I was last south of the border I discovered that you have something called a "long machiato". I hadn't seen them in Sydney then (although they've started cropping up recently).

    As a Sydneysider I thought, "typical Melbourne w@nkers, that's just a long black with a dab of foam."

    The Ducati rider in me, though, was screaming "I MUST HAVE ONE."

    I was torn. My solution of course was to order one and make snide remarks while I enjoyed every last sip of it.
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  14. KT91KT91 - where in Sydney are you based?
  15. Hey GeorgeO, I'm in the Liverpool area. Full of australias best drivers -_-
  16. Don't you just hate that?! :rolleyes: Ahh coffee......why????

    hyperspexhyperspex I am going to get a sticker for my CB125 that reads 'When I grow up I want to be a Monster'. :ROFLMAO:
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  17. KT91KT91 - literally down the road from me - welcome and enjoy the riding
  18. Thanks (y)

    Thats awesome! I'm actually in Chipping Norton but every time i tell someone that who's not from the area, they think I'm making it up :LOL:
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  19. Ahh the curse of the westie. It was the same for me before I moved east, I had to tell people I lived 'near Cabramatta' because noone from north of the bridge has ever heard of Fairfield (let alone Fairfield West). Mind you, noone's heard of Zetland either so it hasn't gotten any easier.

    My brother lives in Chippo so if you ever see a red Hypermotard trundling around, gimme a wave.
  20. hyperspexhyperspex pick me pick me!!! I known where Zetland is!!!! spend a lot of work time in Waterloo, Rosebery, Maroubra, Kensington and surrounds!!:happy: I also know where Fairfield West is - taking debating teams all over the city means you need to find your way pretty quickly
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