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New to netrider. Just sold the trusty Dullsville to get a new...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Old Grouch, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. ...Triumph Sprint GT. Picking the new bike up in few days. Sadly one of my regular riding buddies has just hung up his boots, so it's good to see that Netrider is a forum for promoting rides. Look forward to getting involved.

  2. Welcome to the forum, there are a proverbial truck load of rides going on in this forum. I'm sure you'll find, or be directed to, one that suits your riding level and style :)
  3. Welcome OG, where are you based?
  4. Thanks JT. Long time rider. Enjoy reasonably challenging twisties. Not an idiot though! (Ah it's all relative I suppose).
  5. G'day Ned. Bellarine Beninsula (Vic) based. Enjoy the GOR early mornings on fine weekdays. Much better than Saturday arvo in summer!
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  6. Jealous!! Welcome old bugger (from an old bugger).
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  7. Agreed! Although I'm heading down that way for a trip again soon, by saturday arvo I'd nearly be at the destination, kickin back enjoyin the scenery with a nice cold one :D
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  8. Hey Petesul, did I see you up at Kinglake then followed to the B300 this afternoon? About 4-ish. Was a grey Bmw but not sure if yours?
  9. G'day chillibuttonchillibutton! Unfortunately I was working in town....nice to know we're looking out for each other! Looked to be a great day for a ride, especially in the hills! Wish it was me.
  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. Welcome to NR. You have a great place to ride.