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New to Netrider.. just saying Hello

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Taz, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Taz and I have enjoyed reading all the various posts on this site. Thanks to the admin folks for their assistance and to the helpful guy I called re: the coffee meet last Fri I did'nt end up making it to :cry: ... will try again Fri week.

    So .. umm .. a little about me .. Although I have lived in Melb for 5 years now, I am still a bit of dork getting around. I ride most weekends with a various selection of guys however sometimes I'm on my own and thought i would join here to hopefully increase my circle of riding buddies.

    I have two bikes.. my new baby .. Heritage Softail Deluxe and my 'ol gal Yammy 1,000cc. I tend to do the same ride down to St Kilda most weekends as it's great to sit and people watch after a great ride down from the hills.

    I have been riding since I was a teenager - trail bikes mostly - and purchased my first road bike (my Yammy 1,000) in my 30's. I really enjoy meeting other riders and hearing their stories and learning from their experiences... for me .. it's an on-going journey and I'm always learning something new.

    Anyhow .. enough from me ..

    Cheers and hope to meet up Fri week at Southbank for a coffee... or see ya down at St Kilda on the weekend.

    Taz :)
  2. Welcome on board Taz. Enjoy your stay, it's always fun on the forums. Catch ya at coffee sometime!! :D

  3. Welcome to the madness and fun of the forums..will catch you at a coffee night! :)
  4. welcome to the site from another newbie,
    I might catch you at coffee sometime

  5. G'day Taz, enjoy the lunacy that is netriders.
    I assume with that nickname you come from Tas?

    Wish I could get to the coffee sessions :( , but even with the cheaper boat fares it's a bloody expensive brew!

  6. Hey Taz,

    Welcome aboard the Gilligan Road Tour specialty site. most people will probably warn you about speaking to me :LOL: :LOL: I see dead people..... :LOL: :LOL:

    Seriously, welcome aboard and looking forward to occassionally tuning into your show.

  7. Welcome to the forums Taz :)
  8. run away, run away now!!! :D

    welcome to the fold from another newbie
  9. welcome taz. catch ya at southbank friday night.
  10. G'day Taz...nice to meet a fellow newbie!

    Which hills are you located in?
  11. Hey Taz, pity about the Harley ;-) but welcome aboard :)
  12. Hey there Taz and welcome to the fray.
  13. Heya Taz :D Nice to meet ya.. Welcome aboard.

    Have fun and stay safe

    Lisa :twisted:
  14. Welcome aBoard Taz. Ride safe.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. :)

    And .. nope I am not from Tasmania ... born in Adelaide actually *ducks*


    Look forward to putting a few faces to names at your coffee meet Fri week.

    Enjoy! :wink:
  16. Urk! Taz, your web page 'aint work-safe!

    Hi btw. :)
  17. :D WHAT Fixed!!! It's NOT WORK-SAFE? Hmm .. well I guess it depends on where ya work? *grin* but then again .. most people *think* it's a lot nortier than it all really is :wink: and that's because they have not taken the time to have a quick read... but it's OK .. as there are no nasty pop ups .. just lots and lots of info .. and STUFF :LOL: It's not too norti .. *promise* :D

    Oh and I created a Bike Page for Women inside my site (with a link to netrider :) ) and have already had a number of emails from women who are now going to take their first steps at getting their bike license! How cool is that! I'm wrapped! :D The more the merrier!


    Hi back at ya Fixed :)
  18. Hi Taz welcome aboard, so are you single?
  19. Hi Bond Girl,

    Thanks for the welcome .. and yup single here.